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  • Hey all, just picked the game back up after a hiatus and cleared a bunch of inactive friends. Add me: mdrew
  • Hey all, Had to do a bit more spring cleaning and I still have plenty of spots! My town is a bit of a mess, but I swear one of these days I'll be able to do a clean up and make it look half way decent! I'm a daily player, trying to make sure I hit…
  • I'm looking to add more friends! I've just had to delete a few who have obviously stopped playing so I have tons of space! Mdrew PS town is a bit of a mess right now, but will get better once I catch up with this event!
  • I have more of a house garden going on so neighbors will have more to tap. Hopefully after visits slow down and I have more buildings (I'm not max level yet) I'll be able to get rid of them. I don't like the look of the cookie cutter community I l…
  • On my iPad, I'd love this. I think if I was playing on a smaller screen I'd screw up with it constantly.
  • I've noticed this in my town as well. Once someone had graffitied my police station, but it didn't show up to clean and no one could tap it for a bit. I had to restart my device for a different reason and then it showed up. I'm guessing that there …
  • As of now they're not functioning, and there's a chance that newer players (like me) have possibly missed the opportunity for them. It has been up for debate as to whether or not they were a glitch. Basically anything you grow or build (ie corn, ch…
  • I would love if tasks like Mindy on her motorcycle actually happened in the street, instead of on the sidewalk. Also some of my characters have taken to walking on the ocean when trying to get from SP back into SF.
  • Thanks, most of my unfinished tasks are either premium characters or SP/KL related. Hopefully it will kick in soon.
  • Thanks everyone! I posted in the bugs section. Hope I get to start his quests soon, he cracks me up on the show.
  • Such a good idea. I'm still leveling up, but once I have more space/ money I may have to steal that.
  • Also, side note, this forum *s out some pretty innocuous words. Like the abbreviation for saint.
  • I'm 25 haha I know I'm a dork. I just found it funny that they straight up said see if you can spell swear words with them. I'm aware that one can write out words with most of the decos. I've also seen a ton of people complain about swear words in t…
  • That's true. Best strategy is to add neighbors and tap until you can spin enough to get it all.
  • I've noticed that all of the sudden I have a ton of friends with A and numbers at the beginning of their names. Whatever though, I haven't maxed out friends so I was going to tap them anyways. It is a little weird though having them visit my SF and…
  • I got mine today. After a ton of bird baths and benches. As someone else said, you have tons of time to complete the wheel.
  • If she's on an indoor task it shows her as being on her outdoor task so she can be tapped for valentine's day. Edit:should have read more carefully. But it's probably caused by the same thing, they just auto put her on that task.
  • Good to know! Thanks! I think I'll probably start each when the VD event is done and I have more resources to put towards them.
  • Thanks! I started my town during the Christmas event, so now with Valentines Day as well I haven't felt like the game had tons of down time. I'm sure once the events start slowing down I'll want to have them.
  • Yep! If you look at your wheel all of the items should have a red heart behind them, and an arrow through them. All of the items start with a white heart in the background and no arrow.
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