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  • The only way to make it better would be to lose your cards through poor play. Then not only have to get your grades up but also a few more wins again. I'd say at least ten wins.
  • Like I said look at the ranking systems in truly competitive games. When you pull off a sweet play to get a win it's nice to then see that win earned you a rank up. This cr seems to me to just be a basic ranking system with no elo metrics and is just number based. The other issue I've felt with this series in the past and…
  • And yet here I am with 1700+ hours in CSGO and I paid 8$ for it. You ever get close to that in nhl? I know I never did. Rocket League I have far less time only 150 hours but it's still on par with your nhl analogy of pennies an hour of entertainment. I'd rather spend my money on games I know are good and that more people…
  • Look at the ranking and match making systems in CSGO and Rocket League. They are light-years ahead of what this series has and they breed true competition. That is fun. After taking a lot of time off from this series and playing those games I've noticed that imo this game gives the illusion of true competition.
  • The number of people here doesn't matter we are the loud minority and our opinions can be extrapolated to show what it is likely the silent majority is feeling. Also I like how you now have to pay 5$ for access to demos of ea titles, isn't that nice. I remember when every game had a demo and they were free. Even most pc…
  • I definitely thought that 2k8 was one of if not the best hockey games made. I also completely agree about shooting on a button. That also allows you to have far greater control over your stick and where you put the puck.
  • I'm not saying you or anyone else is wrong for enjoying the game but for those who don't, you shouldn't support the game at all. I read reviews about non video game software and choose which is best without using any of them. Read enough on any one and use the best one for you and you can now suggest changes to the ones…
  • You have data to back that up other than, "it hasn't been done so it must not be worth it."? Seems to me that's a rather poor argument as there's little added cost to port an existing game to a new platform. And if that cost is really a huge issue take some money out of the marketing budget (which is 50% of their entire…
  • You can formulate a valid and constructive opinion on something without actually using it. There's lots of video and written information about this game and if you take stuff that is biased in both directions and formulate your own opinion it is possible it can be very constructive and useful. Personally I have fun when I…
  • I like 2k8 as well, although it's a little tricky to get into because of the button to shoot
  • This is what happens when mindless drones buy a product year after year after year... It tells a company that they no longer have to innovative or improve their product because these people will buy it regardless of any of that. It's the sad state of many major corporations.
  • Ping is the same in every game... The difference is how it is reported to the user. Most of the time it's the total round trip time. From what I've heard in this game it is only half of that being either the send OR the receive time, not both.
  • If they are in fact doing this yearly they should communicate that to the fans and use the forums here and social media to gage interest. R Or even use kickstarter to gage interest. War Horse did exactly that to prove to their investor that there was a market for their game.
  • If you know that this game is reporting only the one way trip and telling you that is your ping, you should also understand that the you must also receive data from the server to complete the cycle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiHP0N-jMx8 Give this a look lad. It will help you understand.
  • OK? If the game is reporting only the amount of time it takes you to send a signal to the server or your opponent and doesn't mention the time it takes to get a response then that is not accurate. You need the round trip time which is often double the one way time.
  • You read a 25 ms of latency and your actual ping is 50 that can cause a noticeable issue where if you have a ping of 13 in the game for an actual of 26 that's not really going to be cause for concern. Ping is usually calculated as a round trip time not just one direction.
  • I put this in the other thread on connection issues but I believe the reported ping is only the one direction not both, so you must double it to get it to be your actual ping.

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