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  • I keep getting the Christmas light facades that I already have from last year. I would LOVE Mr. Plow or one of the exclusive buildings. But this Christmas promo is a heck of a lot better than any of the recent promos they've been having. I'm still trying to forget Whacking Day.
  • Can you do this on iOS? I play on my iPad and iPhone and have never been able to do this. Maybe an Android exclusive?
  • Cool Brown House and the Homer outfit that came with it, Try N Save, Barney's Bowl A Rama, OFlanigans Pub, Howard's Flowers and the ice cream store from Valentines Day. I see the Valentines Day stuff quite a bit though in other people's towns.
  • No way! Now that I've finally unlocked Squidport, I'm addicted again! I went for about a month of not playing because I was bored, but I'm back to playing everyday with that update now.
  • I just got a mystery box and it was a....parking lot!!!! Hooray.
  • I've seen ITunes card specials at Target quite a few times.
  • My name is Nikki. I'm 28 and work in insurance. I've got a 3 year old son and have been in love with the Simpsons since I was 5. I probably shouldn't say because I haven't maxed out on levels yet, but I've been playing since November and am a level 25. I've really liked all the promos except Whacking Day. It was just a…
  • I bought Sprawl Mart and a Homer Buddha box that got me 10 awesome picket fences. Was also thinking about getting Duff Stadium too but maybe Ill wait for the update and see what will be offered. Will Duff Stadium still be there after the update?
  • I got screwed. I bought some donuts for the first time to get Sprawl Mart and thought it would be a good idea to try Homer Buddha. Mistake! I got 10 white picket fences that I'm probably just going to sell because I don't use fences at all. Not trying that box again! You can't easily refill donuts.
  • I just didn't like Whacking Day in general. I thought it was a poorly done update, especially with the major snake sting bugs that were first released with it and not even fixed till weeks into the promotion. I lost a lot of interest in whacking snakes from friends towns when I was losing snakes left and right for just…
  • Yep...you're right. The game didn't take any snakes from me when I visited some of my friends. How awesome! Now I can visit friends again!! Hopefully this isn't a bug. I'm on an iPad.
  • I got one tree. One premium regular green tree. Wow. So worth the Mystery Box...
  • I wonder if there is a link between Bob and Whacking Day. I find it weird that all of a sudden he is popping up all the time!
  • Same here. The while visiting friends thing was always kind of counterintuitive after EA took out the house multiplier (it takes an insane amount of time to visit all 109 friends for about $4000 max and the HP doesn't really help if you're on the higher levels) but now it's even more so with the snakes. I lost 60 snakes…
  • I wouldn't worry about it. Keep trying to login. This game is so full of bugs and delays. At worst, let a day or two go by and see if anything is different then. That just sounds like a bug in the game programming. I've had a lot of times where the game boots me out right after the login screen. I wait a few hours or a day…
  • Awesome thread! This si everything I've wanted to know and more. Thanks! Bookmarking....
  • Sounds like the heart grinder is EAs way to use the hearts. Ill keep my hearts until the 27th anyway just to see if there's anything better coming out, but I'm wondering if its better to use the heart grinder or to sell things like the Choo Choo Choose You train. I get 1000 from selling the train and could get 1000 from 20…
  • Choice A.. I updated thru the game when it prompted me yesterday. All of my characters are free at the moment...haven't gotten a chance to assign them to new tasks yet. I can't visit anyone and I don't think they can visit me either. Now the game kicks me out and says it can't connect to the server when I just click on the…
  • Would love to add more friends but what's the point when you can't visit anyone even if they have the update? I'm hoping this is fixed soon or I probably won't continue with the game. It's not fun if a major part of the game doesn't work.
  • Add me! :). MmmDonuts84. Level 16 and I am on daily!
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