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  • IPad Air. Agreed. The lag has gotten worse and worse with each event. Not sure what's causing it, but something is making things slow and bloated, and they seem to just accept it and build more upon the same bloated foundation. I know there is a function called something-overlay in the code that first appeared with the…
  • Speculation: there are actually images of a curved split track in the files--4 different configurations. They just haven't implemented it yet.
  • Because EA reads these threads, I'll just go on the record as saying that it's a very, very good thing that EA is making all premium items non-sellable. I'm surprised it took so long for them to do it. I'm sorry you wanted to sell your premium billboard, but I can assure you that 99% of people who click the sell button on…
  • It's a common problem. Basically, the game has gotten logged out of your account, so you will need to sign back in. Exit, then force close the app. On ios, you can swipe up, then swipe app away. On Android the mechanism is similar. Then open the app again. You should get to the login screen. Make sure you hit the login…
  • **Speculation** It's a little different than other unreleased buildings in that they actually put unfinished code for it in a folder that they know everyone looks in. I would call it more of an intentional leak. Perhaps in response to TinyCo implementing a collect all button in FG.
  • Sorry yall. What an epic screw-up.
  • I agree with everyone who says focus on upgrading buildings, especially Modern Mansions. Valet Parking is also efficient, but for future design purposes, it's better to set aside 1 for each level, IMO. In case it's helpful to anyone, I was bored a couple of months ago, and it was driving me crazy not knowing what to focus…
  • He's talking about the graphics files that are contained in TSTO. Each piece of art has the extension .RGB. It is kinda like raw pixel data, though programs like Photoshop and GIMP don't know what to do with it. Folks like spAnser and coolhomer would know. You could ask them, but I'm not sure they'd want to help, since…
  • From what I can tell, it looks like there are two separate currencies called blueprints. 109004 Monorail_PT1, which was used during phase 1. 109100 Railyard_Currency, which is a different currency. It appears that the rail yard project board will pay out the second currency. So presumably, that will be the permanent…
  • Off-topic--not to get political, but I feel like the solution to this problem should not rest with game developers. Data limits and tiered data plans are an arbitrary means by which mobile and broadband carriers get to save themselves a couple of bucks by not having to expand their bandwidth capacity. As a consequence,…
  • You are correct. I am 99% sure it's not bad luck, but instead the game preferentially gives tasks for the material that one is short on. Presumably to frustrate people into spending a few donuts at a time on rushing. To get out of the rut, you have to stock up, past capacity, on the material that you are short on. Then,…
  • Heck yes. Good idea. Thx! 8)
  • While I agree that it would be nice if the monorail tracks could go over things, you can still pull it off if you think about it a little bit. Just need to find ways to obscure the defect in your fences, e.g., Hope that helps. :)
  • Helpful post, thanks! To the OP and anyone else who has gotten glitched: 1. What kind of device were you playing on? 2. How close were the vanished buildings to the monorail track? So far, 3 out of 3 glitchers I've heard from were on iOS. I mostly play on an iPad Air. In an attempt to avoid it happening to me, I've started…
  • Thanks for everything you do, LPN! :mrgreen: A killer musical medley to show my appreciation 8) Some unbelievable ones on that Youtube channel.
  • I think folks here are significantly nicer than they used to be, but it was an unexpected response by LPN. I was actually going to say something but y'all beat me to it.
  • looks like the update is required now. these guys are ridiculous.
  • I haven't updated yet and am hesitant to do it now because of this thread. How can I avoid this happening to me? If I put all of my tracks in one empty corner far away from any buildings, do you think that would help? I prefer to leave my tracks out in order to generate possums.
  • Thanks! 8) Found this on the wiki: guess I should give them more credit :thumbup:
  • They might have played with the scale to make it less obvious that they basically copied the art from the Android's Dungeon. They also changed the sequence of the colors on the top. If I had to guess, they already had the skin made, but decided to throw in the gym so they could justify an outrageous price tag. I don't…

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