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  • Has Ninja Homer been used again since whacking day Or has the only time the skin was useful was during whacking day?
  • I wish we could raid his town for his stuff. This Wild West event should allow us to stake a claim on his abandoned property.
  • Should there be any concern not earning enough resources throughout the day to meet each challenge? I want to stock pile some resources each day to complete the day challenge of trading in X resources for prospectuses but don't want to fall behind in collecting everything else if I am not turning in anymore after those day…
  • Lee, I just sent you a PM. Check your inbox.
  • Yes. Every chance I can. I have gotten numerous alien plant statues and one warhead.
  • Others have been having a similar issue. Check this thread out: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10401120.page
  • Close out of your game. Close all apps and restart your device completely. Mine was doing the same thing and by doing those steps it fixed it completely. No problems since.
  • Red chips won't be around next act. It switches to a new color tomorrow. Green or blue. I can't remember which but it's whatever color is next when looking at friends towns. The courtesy chips will stay the same as will coins. The prizes are just listed as casino chips so that will continue act to act. I will hit another…
  • First, he apologized. Second, he is a huge resource to our community. Greater than you or me ever will be. His horse will always be bigger than ours. I vented my frustration too about this but I wasn't going after LPN. This statement on so many levels.
  • This was in no way similar to a fight club. None of us even knew if it was intentional or not. EA patching this within hours of its release yet not fixing the redwood that is still broken for many people or not fixing premium characters tasks until months later is crap. EA could have let this go to give those behind a…
  • I am getting less crafting materials Han moes. I have more of those courtesy chips though. I was trying 12 for a while and 5. Maybe I will try 7 and see if that makes a difference.
  • I got it. I got a bomb shelter. What's revised about it? You get it for completing 5 challenges over 5 days instead of just logging in and playing for 5 days?
  • Nice work dude! I was underwhelmed when I finally hit that mark and got her. Now I am glad I did it. Having that extra character is definitely nice. Now it's time to store everything and forget you spent forever grinding. :D
  • SH buildings and many of the rewards you get for increasing your real estate level for that whole thing are not worth it. All but 2 things are in storage. You grind like crazy for awful buildings and mediocre rewards. The only positive is some decorations fit into other areas nicely.
  • I tried storing the blue haired lawyer. It didn't change anything for me. I have also attempted what others have said as well. I will try and contact EA. I'll let y'all know how that goes. :roll:
  • Yeah I upgraded yesterday. Sent my two characters on their task for fertilizer and collected this morning. I sent them on a second round of fertilizer. The next time I logged in I saw there was an in game update and since then I can't send characters on tasks there. I have 20/40 fertilizer for level 2. That's it. Lol. My…
  • I was lucky to see the original post, but unlucky in that I could not get it to work. Oh well. Easy come easy go.
  • WASSSSSSUUUPPP!!!??!??!!!
  • Google it. Absolutely nothing not safe for work or kids or little old ladies will appear. I swear. :wink:
  • What nice things? You couldn't possibly mean the free donuts, characters, buildings, cash, skins, monorails, decorations, events and mini events. That would be preposterous. :wink:
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