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  • Haven't been able to get on in 12 hours. Was already behind...
  • I'm really enjoying it, but I wish the storyline was better developed (Homer had some bad dreams, Lisa is a director, and there's suddenly a big invasion...). It lacks the hook or coherence that most previous events have had. So far the prizes are underwhelming, but hopefully the next acts will be better (I'm not looking…
  • That was my thought, too. It's just too steep a price, imho.
  • You can also use Wise Guy to Check the Plumbing (12 hours). That's what I generally do.
  • I remember reading somewhere that he actually owns the copyright on his voice, so they'd need his permission, and probably his software, as well.
  • Tbh, I'm not unhappy that it's over. It never worked for me, which is fine, not everyone can exploit every glitch. But there were a few people who were such show-offs that I felt like...I dunno...a rube, I guess, that I had to still log in 5x/day for this act even though others were very ostentatiously done with it. I know…
  • If it were really an Easter egg, it would work for everyone. It doesn't.
  • You're not alone. It doesn't work for me, either. Boo...urns.
  • You definitely aren't the only one. This is the event I've been hoping for for months, and I just happened to have to go on a work thing for ten days with almost no internet access - no phone service and one very weak, rural wifi connection for two hours in the evening. This is the first event where I can see myself…
  • I've had three conversations with EA about this, two of which ended with my being told to visit the forum for help (errmm..??). Arg! The last fellow also suggested I keep playing and hoping that Gil just appears again in my menu. So, possible solutions include crossing your fingers or posting in this forum. Awesome. We'll…
  • I find this totally infuriating. My game crashed as soon as Gil appeared on the screen, so I didn't even have an opportunity to snatch Teddy, and I have every other President. Gaaah! Tech support just said that "the studio" is responsible for all Gil deal timing and they have no influence whatsoever. Anyway. Whine. Gimme…
  • I've got the Fourth of July items but no Gil to be seen. Peeved. It looks really good, I would absolutely drop the donuts for Teddy.
  • I lost my server connection before Gil could give me the sales pitch and now it's gone when I log back in. EA just told me there's nothing they can do (?? Didn't they build this thing??). Poop.
  • Pm here, too, please? Thanks!
  • Four minutes from completing the build, I chickened out and sold it back. I'm at lvl 939 and haven't had any problems at all yet, and really, really do not want to risk it.
  • Sure does.
  • Are the bonus donuts in the general store locked for everyone else? I've received all the previous prizes. Am I being an idiot? It says Day 14 (today, right?), Bonus: 3 donuts for your hard work! Unlock previous prizes to unlock Bonus. And it says new prizes appear in 16 hours. What am I not understanding?
  • The event window that pops up when you tap the trophy (bottom right) even reads "You've got all these prizes! Keep collecting event currency for more donuts!" What in the what?
  • SO happy to see this topic - I was banned, too, was only let back in this morning. Couldn't get on for a week - it took EA a week to straighten this out in my case. Really hoping this doesn't happen again, especially during an event.
  • The more events I complete, the more random I think it is. Being almost directly in the center of the alphabet, I used to assume that it had a lot to do with alphabetical positioning, but I've now gone through multiple events where it was obvious that reciprocal relationships really did make the difference, and I had no…

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