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  • Just an update on my issue, I contacted EA Help as advised and they quite quickly fixed my problem. On my next log in I received the Santa Kang pop up and the Rigellian Christmas Spacecraft. Thanks again Ellie and EA Customer Support!
  • > @1EllieG7294 said: > Try rebooting @Nuffmeister > if it is still MIA contact ea for help > Contact EA through the game > the site https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=the-simpsons-tapped-out > or on Twitter https://twitter.com/EAHelp/ > Chat or phone is best during business hours in US Central Time M-F Thanks…
  • I won the Santa Kang outfit from the Holiday Mystery Box but the game did not recognise me winning it. The questline task started, but Kang does not have the Santa Kang outfit available to equip to do the task. I also have the Rigellian Toy Workshop. The Santa Kang outfit is no longer available to be won from the Holiday…
  • I've sent in a ticket about this. I got the Santa Kang costume from the Holiday 2020 Mystery Box but the game has not recognised it as such. I have the questline started, the Rigellian Christmas toy workshop and Kang, but as the game has not recognised me receiving the Santa Kang outfit I cannot equip him with it to do the…
  • I unlocked Santa Kang but the game did not give me the Rigellian Christmas Spaceship and Kang's Santa Outfit is missing as both an option to in his outfit window and from the Christmas 2017 collection. I have the questline but cannot start it as his outfit, though claimed, is missing.
  • Daily player, please feel free to add me :) Nuffmeister
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