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  • I thought it was just me getting bad packs. it doesn't matter what pack you get for me at least it's always 80's nothing higher then a 83 or 84. I don't know how in the auction house there is 90's going for 100 -200k. I might go back into hibernation, first madden in 7 yrs and issues still existing from madden 10 and packs…
  • Thank you nature boy for the info. :)
  • I just started getting the Blue screen right after the update. This is the first time that I've seen it happen on Madden 19 since I bought the game back on august 10th. I got crashes like you said every other week 2 months ago. So I decided to open my Ps4 and clean, compound my chip which was dry. That was 2 months ago and…
  • I took the plunge and bought madden 19 because I haven't bought one since madden 11. Been a long time madden fan. been playing since the Sega days and i still say madden 05 -08 are the best Maddens ever created. With all of that said Madden 19 has a great Franchise mode like some else said you can relocate teams and hire…
  • From my understanding you have a certain time to see video's. Example: *After scoring a TD you have to wait until the playbook screen pops up for the 2pt or extra point conversion. * Each half and at the end of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters. other then that you really don't think you can see it. only certain times.
  • Just because someone has a different view point and doesn't agree with what is said. Means I'm a guy that depends on the AI to be good ? I must of struck a nerve.
  • seems fine to me, the game came a long way. I still say madden 05 -07 is the best though.
  • Have you tried using the "Coverage adjustment" using ▲ or Y then right stick (don't know on PC)you can choose overtop (up) underneath(down) inside(right) outside (left). Depending what you want or if you want to go for the ball which be an INT which would be outside or inside which be focused on a tackle. IF a TE is…

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