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  • How do you hide the walls?
  • The last resort for me was deleting app and reinstalling and signing back in. It worked! > @Rhinomix76 said: > I play on a older Kindle. I've never had any issues updating before but now when I go to the appstore the game is not even in the store. I can still log in and play but can't seem to update. Any ideas anyone?
  • So I’m in California and no update in my App Store. Forced closed game. Restarted iPad and still nothing. Did my tapping but haven’t put anyone to work hoping that someone will have a suggestion. Weird thing is my tapped out app isn’t even in my App Store with all my other daily games.
  • > @Tomhanks4554 said: > Pandorasbox2112 wrote: » > > Please, what is KEM farming? > > > > > Once you figure it out, there’s no going back😂 That’s what I’m afraid of! I don’t have a lot of time these days. Try to play three times a day. More if there is an event. Thank you to everyone. You all are helpful!
  • Thank you! It’s almost more complicated than this blond can comprehend. But I will figure it out. Appreciate it!
  • Please, what is KEM farming?
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