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  • Depends on the mood. Wine, I like French reds, but lately more than 2 glasses and I wake up with a whipping headache. So very often it is white now. I like a Pinot Grigio. Beer, it's all good as long as it's good. I brew my own from time to time and any beer that has flavor and is interesting is good with me. Hard stuff,…
  • I have to disagree, in my case at least. I started in July and have not spent a single dollar on the game. I also do not have a house farm. I do have about 6 or 7 brown houses but that is for people to tap on during this event. I am maxed out on levels, at least 4 or 5 above 38, and I have every building (no motivationals)…
  • One of my friends has just over 80,000. That's the highest I have seen. I am at 62,000 but have slowed down since I had to end the search for the Simpsons quest. Dave
  • If I remember correctly, there are still more steps to that quest line. Perhaps you need someone free to move it on. Dave
  • It is not a physical wheel,like at a carnival. It is a simple probability formula. Your prize is determined as soon as you start the wheel spinning. There is a certain percentage (that is not equal) for each prize slot. As soon as you start your spin, the game determines the prize. All that the graphic is for is to make it…
  • It has been good to me, up until today. I started with nothing, No light skins, nothing. As of today I have won all of the lights, all of the snow people, Mr.Plow, and the ice god. Remaining are Claus Co, Helter Shelter, Yeti, and Plow King. I have hit money / coins about 4 or 5 times since this morning. I think I had 9…
  • Just about everyone else has an 8 hour task to search for homer and Lisa that pays gift cars. A few - Krusty and children, don't have this task. Dave
  • I have duplicated a topic. This forum has a horrible search function. I always look before starting a new thread (in any forum) but this one is a pain to find something in. Dave
  • Signed in, released the elves, they opened 2 presents, and then got booted. Now the elf house has reset to 24 hours. Dave
  • That actually makes sense. Many places have laws about how high bushes can be on corner lots as well. It is for sight lines as you drive around a corner. You should be able to see across the corner. Same goes for the ends of driveways. You have to have a clear sight triangle. Dave
  • During this event I have no problem keeping an inactive player, as I still get 30 cards a day from them, and since gift bags are so scarce, and only pay between 1 and 3 cards, I figured was not loosing much and was thinking he might come back to the game (he was level 37, and had a lot of event items). But when I needed…
  • If you watch them closely, sometimes they will go to the door of a house, and then gift cards will appear, when there was no present or gift bag there before. Dave
  • I have to admit that I did this. Sort of. I have 100 friends, most of whom I would not drop, they are loyal tappers. But there was one person who had yet to even collect a single gift card, clearly not playing. One day I was about 20 cards short of a prize. I had cleared all my presents/ bags and my next neighbor was about…
  • Pub crawls while dressed as Santa are also very popular. Clearly around Xmas. Other times of the year you just get strange looks. Dave
  • Well DOH, look at that. At least they are getting some exercise. Looking at it, Zesty's seems to be getting very little business, and there is no love for the Frying Dutchman at all. That May because they are on the edge of town.maybe they are not getting as much exercise as I thought. Why am I watching them walk around?…
  • There is a limit you will hit. After a certain amount they cannot drop any more. I hit the limit in less than a day. Dave
  • I got a free game. Dave
  • I should hit 30,000 this evening, or tomorrow AM at the latest. This is good because I had no light skins or snow people, so I need all of them plus the new stuff from the wheel, so I have a feeling I will still be collecting for quite a while. Yet to get a spin token from anywhere but the egg nog bar. Dave
  • Mine is like that too, and I have seen a post of someone else who has the same issue. I'm leaving it. It works, and it is going away after the event (I assume) so it is not worth potentially causing more problems by reinstalling in an attempt to fix it. Dave
  • The game is scaled. When you first start, items are inexpensive. As you progress, items become increasingly expensive. However since as you level up, you acquire more characters, buildings, and multipliers, money is easier to get. This keeps the pace of the game constant. However, once you reach the end of the quest line…
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