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  • Finally let me log in earlier, act 2 has NOT started yet so sounds like it’s been extended Also was I one of the lucky ones being allowed in all week, as I have had no problems until late last night when it wouldn’t let me in, and then it wouldn’t let in all morning(only finally logged back in about 4hrs when I tried at…
  • I have noticed you can switch on the act 1 window for example and just click what you need to complete the act,and then click on the act 2 window to start the second act, that way, you are splitting your characters to do half each in each act, that’d how I have been doing it, and had no problems completing it all It has…
  • Yes I think it’s more likely the update will drop into App Store today, then the usual self update as usual and then on Wednesday automatically starts the usual time like it usually does, anyone else agree??? Either way I’m excited, I, hoping for something good :)
  • I don’t think it’s dead yet, because surely they would come out with a press release or something by saying we are not committed to the game anymore, that’s it etc. It’s clearly just a break in events, or that’s what it seems,maybe the main developers or people in charge of the game just needed a nice break, and ea were ok…
  • Update just started on mine 😮😮, I was just playing and it started up,did it start early for once??oh well not complaining, usually I thought I was gonna miss the start as I go to work at 3PM(UK time) oh well go go go peeps
  • Someone said if you brought the golden goose realty, then you WONT get this in your daily prizes, this is only to people who don’t have it, I brought golden goose realty and I haven’t had a land token in my daily prizes yet so guessing it could be true
  • Not out in the UK App Store yet, grrrrrrrrr 😡😡
  • Wahhhhhhh, why 3PM(that’s when it usually is all the time as well)that’s the exact time I go to work meaning I won’t be able to start the update then, gonna have to wait till midnight Wednesday uk time when I get back home, so not fair 😩😩😩😩😩😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭
  • Update not available yet in the uk app store, most likely be available very late tonight, or very early tomorrow morning, oh well I can wait 😩😩
  • I hope they compensate us, they have done in the past and are usually good at this, a nice big fat 100 donuts will do 😁😁😁
  • I only just managed to get teenage homer, by getting him midday on Tuesday so about 24hrs before the event ended, I actually found all the acts a bit challenging this time by only getting the last prizes about 48hrs before the act ended. I did feel with this event that getting the prizes was extremely challenging, it felt…
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