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  • You are not alone. I have had this issue for over a year now. This is the only game that sucks the life out of my battery. iPhone 6sPlus on iOS 10 thru 11.2 etc. I also complained to Apple prior to my Apple care ending. And they did nothing. Even though on one of those battery drain graphs you could clearly see the severe…
  • psdance main town and P-tripleu feeder town looking for neighbours.
  • If cash is an issue, just build 25 KEM and repeat over time. Also spend the donuts on the XP Collider. Once you get a system going, the donuts you earn will be greater than the cost of the XP Collider. I have always gone for the 10 day cycle.
  • Why don't you wan't to level up too fast? I got to the max level, 939 as fast as I could by using the bloodmobiles. Then you get to choose the 3 options of level up donuts. One of which is 3 donuts. I just spend my cash to always get the 3. Now I KEM farm, but I also have a house farm. So I've got lots of donuts. :) And my…
  • Um, Just wish to clarify here, are you talking about Springfield heights or are you talking about normal building income? When you say you wish "... they didn't keep giving/displaying them." It sounds like regular building income that you tap on for more money. I have not had any of my Springfield heights generate any…
  • I have a similar issue on my 6s plus. But it has been like this for a while. I drop 20% in 38 minutes of playing. This is with strong wifi and in cell signal.
  • Aw man, I'm heading out of town for a bit and not sure how much I'll be able to tap. Hopefully I can take care of things with just 2 taps a day. Will see.
  • Ugh, found a bunch in my other town. I was wondering why nothing was showing up. It's better now, but they still hide on me.
  • Hi, would appreciate it if you could add P-tripleu and me psdance.
  • PM please :) and Thank You :)
  • I don't see Duff gardens in either of my towns. Both are at max level. One had purchased Teddy R and the others had not. Oh well.
  • I agree. Is this okay?
  • I don't have the offer. :(
  • I just noticed that my KEM cost now starts at 14,400. (Edit) So this is wrong! I accidentally stored my KEM instead of selling them. Whew! KEM cost is back to normal for me. BTW, I don't see the Duff gardens offer in my town.
  • It works, for now. There are a few additional characters that now have a premium 4 hour task. Maggie, fallout boy, Gerald, Jay, Gina there are a coulee more. What happens when I use the employment office is a whole bunch goes to one existing 4 hr premium task and the the others go to the Anvil. I'm going to keep this up…
  • It may be an even better deal. I'm on part 3 of the task and it has a send all Springfielders to the Ajax for a 4 hour premium task. I'm not sending the steel worker to complete his task. This way the 4 hour task may stay permanent. Will report back in a few hours to see if this works.
  • What is this entry/exit thing you speak of?? I've used my house farm, XP collider plus rat traps and Kuick-E Mart. I've also got an unfinished task that has been very useful in keeping people in one spot and on a premium 4 hour task. I've also finally have a place to use up all my Krustyland tickets. Well over 1.M, convert…
  • I've had the first part happen to me. But have not noticed the 2nd part. Could be interesting.
  • Just want to say I would buy the Duff Garden if the Gil deal was available in my two towns. :( I hope it comes back.
  • These and the Rat Trap Truck provide a large amount of XP per $ spent. And with the XP Collider running it resulted in a 5X the XP for the same $ spent. I've bought the 10 day XP and have toyed with the idea of continuing it along. I've still got tons of cash and a really good multiplier.
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