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  • The best bang for the buck is still the Weather Stations, then the Rat Traps and close behind the Bloodmobiles. Your logic is sound, but you are assuming that there will be no updates to the XP level up requirements. This is/was my concern and that is why I spent the donuts for the XP collider. I want my donuts and I want…
  • Did anybody lose the ability to purchase the bundle? I can't see it any more. I did finish the small event task and wonder if that has anything to do with it. :( Edit. It was hidden in the store tab. I clicked the little arrow to expand and the whacking day has its own tile with the bundle in it. :) Whew.
  • I did get in for about 5 min then the Bartman happened.
  • Hmm, just checking in from vacation and I see that there are no bonuts this time. I have been doing the daily tasks and have more than enough clues as I'm building the last building. So sounds like I should skip any future daily task in hopes of donuts. I did this once as I had lots of pick axes. I've been fortunate that I…
  • I'm curious, how much space is the game taking on the various Samsung Tablets? On my iPhone 6s+ it takes up 1.1 GB. I also play in an old iPad 2. It is slow on it but still playable. I'll be looking to upgrade to another tablet as well.
  • Been busy so didn't have a chance to check the whole thread. But there is some good info from checking out the first post. :thumbup: It took me until just now that Apu and Homer produces different currency! Apu = pickaxes and Homer = Hats. And once you select those then the rest of the characters will produce that…
  • I just wish this was a visual task. Would be so cool to see all the kids throwing garbage at the school. :mrgreen:
  • This is the first time I have experienced a lag before the game started in my main town. I would hear the beeps but the countdown blocks wouldn't show and it just froze, probably for about 5 - 10 seconds. Then it continued. I'm using a 6s+ and just updated to iOS 9.3.1 and of course have the new content. I've got a second…
  • When visiting friends, if you time it right, group the prospectors together and you can tap multiples at once. But they look to still register as a prospector tap. This helps for those without that many friend towns to tap.
  • I was wondering this myself. I think you are right! Took a quick look and visual task with the jumping jack icon. :)
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one willing to post an over 300 million. 339 million cash :shock: Now if I can only do this IRL. :lol: 1.22 billion SH 1,758,858 KL tickets :roll: 503.15 % bonus
  • Collect building income for 3 donuts. :thumbup: Complete character tasks for $2000. :thumbdown: Had to wait 4 days to cycle through to get 80 furniture for 6 donuts! :thumbup:
  • I've got 315 Million in my main town and 221 Million in my feeder town. Yes house farm, tennis courts, with Lurleen Pt 2 and She-She lunge Pt 2 in perpetual repeat mode. Most of this came in the past 6 - 8 months. :oops: :shock:
  • Here is the 3 hour task animation. I don't know if these will stay after the event. Gah, don't know why the image isn't showing up.
  • I don't like how the fire just randomly appears all over my town. It makes it tough to find them, it is a pain going to the edit mode. I much prefer wandering things. Or just give us a big fire hose to spray the town, like the IRS building! Or those ghost zappers.
  • You'll need Quimby free.
  • There is a smaller limit to Friend fire visits. Your friend will receive a medal when they put out your fire. Sorry regular friends as I went straight through in reverse alphabet order.
  • I've noticed that some buildings in my friends town have a match and some just have the cash sign. Not sure why that is right now.
  • Yes, comes when you complete the first few 6 second tasks. Friend visits give medals but sets houses on fire. Will be neat to see what happens in my town.
  • You will need Ned some men free. But first few are just 6 second tasks. Moe is needed for first 3 hr task. There is a fireman skins for Homer and Apu for 100 donuts and produces event medals.
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