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  • About an hour ago.
  • A third post because it's not a conspiracy unless there are 3; has anyone else noticed or been annoyed by the lack of female clickables in events? Like for this one there's Carl's little brother, the fat blond kid and the lady. If there is a lady (which often there is not like with the last zoo event) she is out numbered 2…
  • Another thought: I am newish to forums, are we all tapping "agree" under comments if we are having the same issues? We should be.
  • My glitches seem to be very different from others. If it won't let me click minions in my own town I just rapidly click on one minion til it freezes then it will eliminate all the minions in my town giving me rewards for all but not expending my tome. If I try clicking minions in friends towns it will sometimes only give…
  • In search of good friends who won't forget my birthday, who won't make me watch YouTube video after YouTube video, who don't leave garbage in my car, and most importantly; who actually make an attempt to organize their towns as towns (you know, with streets leading to buildings and such). If you fit the bill, feel free to…
  • I was playing with this feature and put a bunch of junk items into a group to see how it worked. Then I ungrouped the items (about 30 total items) and only half came back to my main inventory normally, the other half where it normally says 'Place' now says 'Veiw'. Clicking 'Veiw' does nothing. It seems as if I may have…

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