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  • I remember seeing something about an EA employee whose sole purpose for several years was to determine ratings and creating skills. I don’t believe that person works for EA anymore and EA in that same video mentioned it was sticking with the skills already in place for the foreseeable future.
  • I’ve seen similar things happen in Madden 17 with players ranked as undrafted. I presumed it was part of the game. Most reappear the following week only to disappear again the week after. Madden 20 I presume does the same and may have even expanded it to higher ranks. If 20 is like 17 how the season plays out has an impact…
  • I would suggest writing down the primary skills of each position found on a player card. Then look at the coach scheme and mark any primary skills it mentions. physical attributes will be determined by the combine results. Speed acceleration etc. Begin your scouting with the players that initially match your scheme. Know…
  • It’s the Gameplan you’ve chosen that is in error or you have the sliders horribly out of whack or you’re rushing from training straight to the game. First, I would use the default sliders. Second, look at the offensive and defensive threats. I’m going to state the obvious. My apologies because I don’t know how much help…
  • I’ve found in Madden 17 that raising the number of years is only beneficial by reducing the signing bonus per year. The total signing bonus stays the same but spread over more years. That reduces the cap hit. Further most players want anywhere from a 0 to 3% increase to their salary as a trade off for not testing free…
  • Set game speed to slow.
  • The game is scripted, but you can avoid weirdness. You can leave all sliders at their default. Create new playbook from team's playbook. Expand plays to include more from sets already included. Defense plays can be left at half star. No offense play needs more than 3 stars. Put some thought into the playbooks. Set quarter…
  • It has to do with your game plan and settings. First, ensure the even teams switch is off before you even go into a franchise or game. Second anything above rookie will give your opponent extra scores. Third, your trainer impacts how well your players perform. Finally you have to adjust your playbook to match your game…
  • Ha! I get stupidly annoyed when Liam and Cora yell where are you going or the fight is this way. Shut up, fools! Can't you see I'm dead not running away. Ha! Hey St upid ly gets the asterisk treatment - makes me sound more profane than I need to be.
  • Drink glasses and less occasionally a character and their voice will be absent in cutscene. Everyone still acts like they're there. Reloaded once and character was there but all the non-character elements were missing.
  • I'm good with the last battles, confused at first. I think the Archon might come back attempting to take complete control of Meridian since his mind is lost in there. Also sounds like (to me) the Geth is the Benefactor and have taken control of the Quarian Ark. Enjoyed making Krogan the interim ambassador and talking to…
  • The Shepard I didn't play.
  • I think the series is great. Bought only a week ago. Only weird stuff for me is the occasional missing drinking glass. Not a big fan of Ryders, but understand the going from experienced professional character to inexperienced untrained character. They definitely look the part. Fate of my story in the hands of those clowns.…
  • In the download section of faces there's a handful by the mass effect team that come up right away. There's a good reproduction of both the male and female Shepard. The male Shepard has green hair. Both only require minor and simple adjustments to reveal their identities. Remove the scar and go with a shaved head and black…
  • Everything I've read seems to suggest some type of streaming service outside of the game is necessary. I haven't discovered a way to spectate any game which my team isn't involved. Someone else was lamenting being unable to watch the last minutes of a game in which their career mode player wasn't on the field.
  • On console? Try minimal console privacy settings. Check if it fixed issue. Then go back and put privacy settings back to where you had them. Worked for me on Xbox One.
  • Yep. I assumed it was because I had recently defaulted the CPU skills to 50. Xbox One
  • On Xbox, I noticed the same thing when I left the CPU skills set to 50. More like everyone was moving in water. I didn't care because I spectate and let the AI do the work. Made it easier to get gold on first try.
  • I believe there would actually be very little change to the game. You would most likely only have all the XP buys available now by the coach divided amongst the coordinators and the coach simply hanging on to his playbooks, recruiting XP purchased, and whatever XP buys he had as an offensive or defensive coordinator. The…
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