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  • I am going to see if it is the recycle bug. Since the update with the burns coins or whatever is called, I thought it was something related to timing. It always started to get slow after a minute of playing. Now I realize that normally when I first log into the game I collect all my items and then usually after a minute I…
  • Yes, got the update after many retries and now cannot connect to server
  • Same issue. After about 50 retries, I finally did get the ingame update. Now I get the sorry and cannot connect to server message.
  • I am running IOS 8.1 on a 4S. I am having the problem that others are seeing and that is I am on level 2 and it shows to get to level 3 for the rail yard for the weekly prizes I need 30,000 and I am at 37,000 but it will not switch to level 3.
  • Same problem. Going level 2 to 3, I need 30,000 and I have 37,xxx and it wont switch to the next level. Userid is: radicalrom87 Thank you.
  • I do not know if it is act II that is causing it, but today was the first day of act II and I put the second train station on right away and my phone heats up when using the game. Now it has been locking up and freezes. I have tried wireless through my home network and this does not solve anything. I have tried, rebooting,…
  • After the last update, it fixed my freezing problems and my heat problems with running the game. Now act II started and whamo, my phone is superhot when running the game and has frozen at least 10 times in the lat 3 hours (not as bad as before, but still a problem).
  • The last update fixed my problems, until act II started today for me. My phone now heats up a lot and has frozen at different times. I do not know why act II caused this, but it started today. Please help.
  • I currently have the negative task bar and can't get through the task for the: make moe spy on midge I am using an Iphone 4s and level 56 and ID: radicalrom87
  • With the latest update, I have not seen any crashes. Go ahead and download it and hopefully this is fixed.
  • With the latest update, so far so good and I have not seen any problems of crashing.
  • The issue I am seeing is example: gold palm trees, I can place technically on each other without a problem. It does not see that it is a certain size.
  • To me I can't see a pattern for specific buildings. I have less crashes on clicking friends. I could just start tapping lets say the furniture store and it will crash. I will restart and furniture store is fine. I love the updates, but I think it is time to make it stable again. I agree, when the additional land update was…
  • To me it is different times it crashes and usually when I am tapping a lot. I am on an Iphone 4S. It is about 20% better today than yesterday. Now it only crashes maybe every 10 minutes when I tap buildings, etc.
  • What is odd about, sometimes it works fine for a while and then whamo it locks. What is also odd is I never had it lock up while visiting my friends. I have IOS 4S with about 500MB free on it. I started to see the problems after I did the update, but today is very bad. I have no problem of getting it, but as a tap…
  • My issue is that started today is I can get into the game, but if I start tapping a lot of things, the whole game freezes and locks up. I have never seen a problem like this until today. I have removed additional programs from my Iphone 4S to make sure it is not a space issue and I have 500 MB free now. I have rebooted my…
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