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  • WCOH Bure 96 and Hero Blake? Another option I have WCOH Bure 96 and MOV Price if interested in sending me some coin the other way (like 500K).
  • Not even a doubt - there is no other player that matches him for 800k in my opinion. It took me a few games to get used to him and unlock his full potential but he does it all. The only thing we don't know is how the rest of your team is. If you have a bunch of regular gold players I think you would be better off spreading…
  • Agreed - not wasting anymore time on posts that add no value to the forum(s).
  • Thanks for taking the time to post this and remind me that not everyone goes out of their way to make unnecessary sarcastic replies. For everyone who responded with informative information I appreciate it - just what I was looking for!
  • I'll take the high road and be the mature adult between us - you should try it, it's a much nicer view from up here.
  • I was not searching for smart **** comment's like yours. Really its not a stock market? Thank You! Thank You! I almost sold my house to invest in EA HUT cards but you saved me! I forgot how much I hate forums.
  • Thanks community - regardless 99 stats are amazing, and he is the best card I have ever used. One could also argue that his upgrades will still hold value on face-offs, defensively etc. Malkin is another great player but has terrible face-offs and this area will never get to a high enough level even with upgrades. Crosby…
  • I had issues with getting my points over Christmas - they said wait 24hours and should show up. They didn't show so I was finally given a refund and re-purchased points. Problem with this is the fact that I missed out on special cards that were only in circulation for 24 hours. There is no guarantee you will land the card…
  • Some great responses and logic- much appreciated! I think I may balance with a few MOVS for those who I think will have a great year and get upgraded (who are within reach as far as value anyway).
  • I would go after Linden as his market value is fairly consistent. The only issue you may find is selling him after playing with him for a few games. He has been one of my best players on offence and defence! He will always be part of my team moving forward. The other keeper if you ever get to his price point is Murphy on D.
  • Thanks for the replies! Again I am somewhat new and I wasn't sure what is the better investment as I don't really know how high the MOV cards can go as far as stats and price on the market.
  • what are you looking for?
  • Linden - beast on all levels Sullivan -great sniper Graves -meh offense but good defence Amonte - not scoring like Linden or Sullivan Howerchuk - I have had limited success with him nowhere near Linden for me Redden - good d and some offence Currently looking for a hero Goalie so comments are great
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