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  • Level 49. Play multiple times per day and visit all friends almost every day. Just cleared out my non-playing friends.
  • I had that same hurdle. But when I really thought about it, I've had way more play time and enjoyment out of TSTO than almost any Xbox or PS game I've ever bought... most of which were $60 ea. It was made a little harder by the fact that whatever pack of donuts I bought for me, I also had to buy for my wife. :shock:
  • I'm managing to pull in over 600/day right now on just squishing and releasing only a few eggs. All my treat bags and ammo and most of my eggs are being hoarded - have been hoarding since the weekend so I'll have around 300 bags to open tomorrow. I started checking every 1-2 hours while awake because I fell behind earlier…
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