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  • Another change is that they took away a donut from me. :( I had just gotten one from my cannon when it gives the five bells for a neighbor tapping it, but before I shot it, during my last play before updating. Then I cleared all my characters of their tasks and went to the App Store to update. When I came back my donut…
  • You're a little off on your math. Not trying to be pedantic, but I just wanted to point it out so no one is confused. You get 120 taps a day in neighbor towns before you stop getting bells. If you limit yourself to 2 taps per neighbor by tapping only the cannon and cave door you'll be finished at 60 towns, not 80. This…
  • Posts like this are also annoying.
  • Is anyone else annoyed that it's possible to receive a second lemon tree in a mystery box, but we can't take it out of the inventory and place it or even sell it?
  • I get annoyed that my characters will sometimes just walk wherever they please instead of sticking to the road/sidewalk, concrete path, or boardwalk. I try to design my town in an aesthetically pleasing yet realistic way. Unless I haven't finished placing a building/structure, I try to make it so each can be reached on…
  • My feeling is that the 24 hour clock on neighbor visits should restart at the same time everyday for all neighbors. Instead of starting after you visit each individual neighbor. Right now if I visit a neighbor at 6pm, I can't visit him again until 6pm the following day, ensuring that gradually this time will creep toward…
  • I always pick the first one. The odds say it should win about half the time. If you pick it 100 times, it should win about 50. It costs $2000 to play and pays out $6000. So you spend $200,000 to play 100 times and winning half the time pays out $300,000 giving you a healthy profit. The only time I don't pick it is when…
  • I just always make sure I have enough money to buy two more chances. It's a lot easier to earn $100,000 in this game than it is to get 3 free donuts.
  • Another gripe I have is the number of tasks that involve two characters. If I'm sending all of my characters on 8hr tasks, I can't put both Maude and Hugs Bunny on 8hr tasks because they both need to do theirs with Homer, and I also can't put Homer on another task using one of his many skins. There are so many others,…
  • If anyone could do the complete list of regular prices, net prices, and outdoor tasks for the characters, they would have my eternal gratitude.
  • Let's make it the Phil Hartman appreciation level and release Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure.
  • I'm still playing the game as if the event might continue indefinitely. Because of that I shot down a UFO in a friend's town and got 30 donuts as a reward. I've heard of others getting that prize 2-3 times during the event, but it was my first, so I'm glad I kept going.
  • Your idea about a leader is good too. Then the mob can come together at the nearest location to the leader that makes sense for the mob (i.e. Burns manor, Simpson house, city hall, Maison Derri?re - if they release it, channel 6, etc.).
  • 0 for me. But I think somehow I got a free human test subject. I never crafted one, but I found it in my inventory and placed it when I didn't have enough treats to craft it.
  • You must have a great mind then.
  • For more clarity in case my post didn't make sense, here's the open task: And here it is in the premium stuff menu: Does that mean I have to use donuts?
  • I have a quest telling me to place a recycled tower. When I tap on the quest it takes me to the item in the build menu, but it's still locked. Shouldn't it be unlocked if I got a quest to place it. Also it's taking me to the premium items build menu. Is buying it with donuts the only way to get it?
  • Finally, finally, finally finished my Burns Manor after playng the game for over 2 years and pushing it to the edges and redesigning it, and almost finishing it before restarting it. It's not big since I am running out of room in my town, but it's still the biggest private residence in my town, as it should be.
  • It's just like writer's block. Sometimes you just need to get something down even if it ends up being the beginning, middle, or end. Start with something small like squidport, and then ideas will come to you while your working on it of how you want to do the beach, and then some of the areas nearby, and it'll take shape…
  • My forest in 3 connected pics.

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