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  • Many people will already have one or more of the skins for Homer in any case. I missed out on Evil Homer. Was that a Hallowe'en special? Perhaps we could have a job added for Homer which splits him into multiple characters at once so that we could see them all walking around together. Just keeping a screenshot of all the…
  • Toni7786- the icon is not visible all of the time. You can only see it when you have started the polyvac mini game.
  • When you have started the mini game with the polyvac, you need to click on the icon that appears top right of the screen. The flash will then wipe out the visible flying robots.
  • Follow this link for information on the cube. You had already collected three items from that town, so you can't click on a cube until you have new actions in another 24 hours. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10415640.page
  • Tapping on a cube gets you 5 matter and 1 robot part instead of just 2 matter. Each cube counts as one action and you can't tap on a cube if you have used up all of your actions or have used up the three actions allowed on that particular town.
  • I've just tried this and you're right, this looks really good. Rather than a tree, though, I would love to be able to buy a single giant cactus to place on the circle of dirt.
  • This is rather cool. Mine's on his way to Springfield Heights. Might be better money there. Wonder if he can walk through the tunnel or not?
  • Thanks devilhunt1449, that's a good development too. Sometimes you need to pick indoor tasks for everyone so that you can find event characters more easily. Now I should make fewer mistakes.
  • I love this new system as well. Does anyone know why some jobs for each of the characters have a little running man icon beside them?
  • Thanks for the tip about the new update. I had to switch off my ipad and switch it on again before I could see the update on iTunes. Visiting friends' towns didn't give me the heads up. I've now missed the start of each of the last three events meaning that I don't have the time to collect all prizes in the first week. I…
  • Yeah! My first big reward - a kang topiary.
  • I have a few classic mansions, so I thought Paris would pick one when I set her going on the 24 hour job, but she's walking all over Springfield instead. Must be rejecting all of the parties! Is she supposed to just disappear into a mansion?
  • Tried to upload an image from photo bucket, but the link won't copy! If there's no image, it didn't happen!
  • I'm only on 4 bars out of 10. I don't seem to get a lot of the crafting items although I am playing the dice and slot machine games as often as I can. Work really interferes with my gambling!
  • Did your chips counter re-set to 0 on the prize lane of Burns' Casino after collecting the first prize? Normally, the total doesn't drop to O in events like this as you reach each milestone. I was wondering if thus was an error in my game or standard practice for every player in this event. I have 6800 more chips on my…
  • What prizes are possible? So far I've collected different types of debris and lots of Hail Ants placards.
  • How do you know which way is south? There is no sun. Logically, straight up would be north, making the buildings facing either south-east away from the mountains or south-west towards the water. I do have Lard Lad facing the same way as you, but I've faced the First Church of Lard Lad the other way towards the water.
  • Great picture, thanks. Don seems to like Patty!
  • Yep. Totally agree. See my post for 1/11/16 where I suggested the same thing. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10391276.page

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