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  • Hmmm yeah, I wouldn't have even told anyone if I got that high, wouldn't say it was anything to be proud of and judging at the amount of posts you have too, it only says one thing (no ----) you can fill in the blanks yourself.
  • Could be because your doing a max level box and a bonus pie box, maybe there not set the same. So you may need to remember what box you had when you max levelled and what box you had when you bonus pied. Treat them both as a seperate set of boxes.
  • Nothing first go every time, if you remember where it was last the next on will be two boxes left from there. Box 1 [ ] [ ] [x] Box 2 [x] [ ] [ ] Box 3 [ ] [x] [ ] Box 4 [ ] [ ] [x] Ect.... Ect....
  • Every image of a compass I've seen North is top, when on the game the mountains are at the top of the screen, hence why people say North is up. Suppose you're going to argue depends what way you're facing to be difficult, but it makes more sense to just go with North up, South down, west left, East right to stop confusion.
  • Why does the title say why do you like tsto but then the poll is for how many tapping games do you play ? Title answer : because I grew up with the simpsons. Poll answer : only tapped out as they are too expensive, and as soon as this game ends none because I'm not made of money, I'm only still playing this because I've…
  • Have you got the first 3 prizes from phase one ?
  • Are you sure you don't just get fallout boy to destroy them again ? I noticed he had a task that requires the brown house but it was blacked out as I already destroyed it. I bet if I put another brown house out he would destroy it with his task again.
  • Don't buy it, it's a ripoff. I bought it it doesn't double house taps, I think it only doubles people taps and they ended well before my house taps did and I don't even have 100 friends anymore.
  • No, if nothing else they need to re-release springfield falls, I've wanted that since I've been playing, town looks strange with water appearing from nowhere. I even set up my town with it in mind.
  • Mine did that the other day, just play the tutorial then sign back in, worked for me.
  • Something else, my life doesn't revolve around playing the simpsons tapped out, tbh I'm glad for the break from it events go on too long and if you want to earn everything you have to login every few hours for a full month, that is unless you want to spend a fortune to speed it up.
  • That's where you're wrong there is something we can do about stunts EA pulls and it is do not support untill changes happen, the only way EA will listen to us is by voting with our wallets, EA are in this only to make money and as soon as they stop doing that they will need to act. Nothing will ever change while we keep…
  • I'm a house farmer, but it's only a 1/4 of what it was because I have so much stuff now I think I need to remove all the houses altogether, I do prefer to collect from my house farm instead of collecting from the town as it's easier to collect from a neat line than scrolling all over the place.
  • Beavis & Bu++head Comes with a couch and tv. Task, couch fishing & follow me. If it was the simpsons Babysitter bandit or the two french guys from when Bart was an exchange student.
  • Funny you say that the ingame cash it worth a small amount of donuts, but spending a large amount of donuts what does that get you ? More ingame cash. So you use real cash to buy donuts to make fake cash that you spend large amounts of fake cash to buy a small amount of donuts back, makes sense. Lol.
  • Snap, I'm not that desperate for a whole 3 or so worthless donuts, not worth the effort IMO. If it was something worth having like 50 and up donuts I might have tried.
  • £80 for 2400 donuts ? You could buy two AAA games that have a lot more money put into them for that price, I thought the prices on this game was too steep to begin with, i can't afford to keep supporting this game with them prices. The game is 3-4 years old now prices should be coming down now not up. Them ebay donuts are…
  • How long does the deal last ? Not paid till the 31st so guess I'll miss out on the deal again. Why can't EA do the deals at the end/beginning or the month when people get paid.
  • Why are you not happy with more than one ? They cost 12 donuts each and you can get them for free but you want to get it patched so you have to pay for them ? I have 30+ atm. Why can't people just keep quiet when something is benefiting the gamer. I'm not even sure if it is a glitch or it's suppose to happen, instead of…
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