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  • Heya, thanks for the nice detailed response! Is it 33? Huh. I never kept track haha. :) Quest: Code Brown - all 3 steps EXCEPT Cletus are completed (and have been for a good long while now). Higher quest lines: Yep. chalmers is done, step... 13? of his quest complete. other quests with Cletus: None (at least at the step I…
  • Heya! I'll be brief. i have the quest 'Code Brown' - I am stuck on making Cletus 'harvest copper wire'. I am level 41. I am damn sure, I do not need higher than 41 to 'unlock the quest for it' and have done all quests bar side show bob, from pre-30. As you would guess, this has kind of jammed my entire progress and I have…
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