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  • My Ultrahouse 2 is also the same size it was before. It has trees butting up against it and there are no new spaces.
  • I have heard, although I don't know this for certain, that if you haven't backed up your device recently by syncing it with iTunes that it can have an impact on your "free" memory even if you've been deleting stuff on your device. Give that a try, and then reboot, and see if it makes any difference.
  • I thought of two other things I'd like to get: The limo that goes with the Respectible Moe skin. I have the skin but not the car. The gold statue of Smithers holding Burns' head.
  • The Springfield Subatomic Supercollider! I think it might be the only building I don't have... Also the black hole decoration.
  • That's not entirely true for all buildings. Some of them have differences on their end walls when rotated, for example, a window on one side but a door on the opposite side. When I get a new building I always place it according to the side I like better. Two specific examples: Android's Dungeon: one side has posters and a…
  • The only reason I tap anything anymore is for the XP so I can eventually get free donuts. The cash I could care less about. :)
  • I would also love a night mode. Following my device's clock would be great, with a switch to daytime in the move menu for when things need to be decorated/moved around. When visiting neighbors, I'd like to see their Springfield in either day or night mode according to their clock—this would give a nice sense of where in…
  • Yep, with money. As in, he's been bored for ages and the prospect of getting more money via new Itchy and Scratchy episodes/merchandise will end that boredom with the force of a "punch" to its face.
  • Ennui is a word, not a name.
  • I've never been to the Montana side, but Waterton is my favorite national park in Alberta. It's not commercialized like Banff and it sees way less people overall. Waterton is definitely for the nature lover: its mainly about hiking, wildlife watching, landscape observation, fishing, and some boating (canoe, kayaks, paddle…
  • Welp. I'm back. Vacation to date has been kind of a disaster... My folks and I went to Waterton National Park. I drove down first, on Sunday. Weather was decent and I enjoyed my day. I saw five bears in my first few hours and I scored a nice campsite. My folks came down some hours later with the RV. Tuesday was okay too…
  • lol I could do my vacation over and over and over... I'd be super rested then! Also: female tapper here. :) Thanks everybody! Believe me, I am really excited about this trip, as I need the break pretty badly. But I'm also enjoying the Stonecutter event and though I am a premium player, I like to try to complete events the…
  • Last night someone was logged into my Springfield. I was lucky they didn't touch anything or spend any donuts. I know it happened because when I went to play this morning I was logged out and the game said it failed to save on another device, but I don't play on more than one device. My town isn't totally finished or where…
  • I'm on vacation next week and going camping in the back country. Lousy timing for me, but it was scheduled before the event started and I can't avoid it. No wifi or 3G or LTE back there, so although I'm slightly ahead of the curve today, I'll be a whole week behind in the event and probably neighborless when I get back. :(…
  • These are great. Thanks! I see there's one for getting Brandine pregnant, but do you suppose one could be made that says "Donut-free Spucklers" or something? I'm still working on them and won't be rushing the tasks. :)
  • My baskets were unfillable. Based on another thread, I did the following and they seemed to become fillable soon after: 1. Force quit game. 2. Uninstall game. 3. Power off device. 4. Power on device. 5. Reinstall game from App Store. 6. Wait while the Easter update downloaded again. Do not take the option to play while the…
  • No issues here.
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