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  • It seems to be tied to one character, randomly. I had Dolph, others had Santa etc. Clicking their task icon to take you to them or even approaching the area they are in crashes the app. Mine was fixed by completely shutting down my device, others have uninstalled/ reinstalled. Give it a try.
  • Ok, on the other site people are having success by completely shutting down their device (works for me) or uninstall/reinstall. Give it a try.
  • And same here. I had been perfect until the patch to fix Kindle problems they issued during this event. Now I get the Bart screen while, visiting neighbors, collecting from buildings or characters, collecting donuts. It’s got to the point where I just don’t visit anymore, getting disconnected every 4 or 5 neighbors isn’t…
  • And way to go EA. I wasn’t having any issues on an iPad Pro with fully updated iOS. Now if I can get into the game at all it will crash every 3rd friend visit. Then good luck getting back into the game. It just sits on the login screen endlessly spinning the donut. I’ve put the pad down and walked away coming back 5…
  • I was getting it with the pre-xmas mini event, mostly when visiting. It went away for the first round of the real Xmas event but returned with a vengeance once the second round started. Visiting friends, collecting from buildings or char's, dropping or building kem's. i don't rattrap/bloodmobile but i bet i'd get it there…
  • Created a new post about friends visiting bugged but will add it here too. Since mini Xmas update I visit 3 or so friends and get the Bart Unable to connect to server screen. Usually you can immediately log back in. Occasionally it requires a couple tries. I play on a 1 year old iPad Pro, iOS fully updated with around 100g…
  • And missing again for me. I hope they fix it as fast as last time
  • Yep. Couldn’t log in this morning. I can now and all friends erased. Not sure if we should wait in hopes they’re restored or start a new list
  • From what I've read, after they patched the monster timer bug, you were supposed to get two monsters every four hours. If you didn't fight any i.e. Sleeping they should accumulate to a max of ten waiting to fight. However this is now bugged, countdown timer will not add more monsters until you defeat the two in queue so…
  • Haven't been able to do another monster battle since the first set of 3 ended. It's going on 8 hours now and the timer just keeps jumping from a bit over an hour to over 3 hours. On iPad, iOS 10 plus, fully updated. Will be impossible to progress much if this isn't patched quickly.
  • Mine went from 38 minutes after the first 3 battles to 3 hours 5 minutes to 3 hours 48 minutes on subsequent log ins. People at The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts Forums are posting it as a common occurrence as well. They have to patch this Wednesday or it will be impossible. On iPad fully updated to latest iOS 10 plus.
  • Found Maggie twice now with around a minute to click on her. Failed both efforts with maximum zoom and frantic clicking anywhere around her on screen. Nice idea, poor effort.
  • Same here. Since I built the irregular trees the first day the daily challenge takes me to the crafting screen to tell me I have already built one and doesn't acknowledge I've completed the challenge.
  • Well they just put a patch out for iOS. Did not fix building timers auto resetting to the beginning. Way to go Ea. On a side note I got in touch with ea live chat Saturday. Just checked status of my account, shows in progress. If they have to fix every account individually I'm thinking it may be fixed in time for us to…
  • If any Ea moderator reads these forums, go to Game Discussion, Buildings auto clearing for 6 pages of ongoing frustration since the monorail removal patch. It's where most the posts for this problem are. I'm on iPad both iOS 8.4 and 9. Every time the game syncs, visit neighbors, go to Kv, building timers to collect are…
  • I went to the Ea chat help Saturday and was told they had to kick it upstairs to a simpsons specialist to fix my account. They said I would be contacted be email for anything I had to do. Still waiting, still not gettin money or Xp from buildings as the timers reset to the start of countdown. I can't see an irs building…
  • To Janis, no it's not fixed. I had one run where everything appeared to be properly working, didn't clear anything other than my blue house farm. Visited neighbors, came back and every other buildings spawn clock had reset. I think Ea is at the point of hoping we just quit complaining, they nerfed house farms with the…
  • I can log in with dollar signs floating over buildings. I visit Krustyville or neighbors and those have all been cleared with maybe some new ones showing collectible status. This has been happening since the end of the monorail event on both IOS 8.4 and 9. I tried the live chat but after the welcome to it I got no further…
  • Same as many others. Playing on iPad, was using IOS 8.4, updated to 9 to see if it helped. Buildings are resetting there clock countdown to payout constantly. Brown and white houses seem worst but all the buildings will do it randomly. This is making it impossible to collect from them, as well I imagine very annoying for…
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