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  • Frink is a premium only purchase somewhere between 100-150 donuts. Hope that helps ;)
  • You need to have gone past a certain point in the Stone cutters threads, it then prompts you spy on friends. Check when you're timer is due to rollover. Hope you're spying soon ;) :mrgreen:
  • The old adage on this one seems to be pertinent in this case sooo.... Where's the pics, no pics, it didn't happen lol ;) :mrgreen:
    in WHAT Reply by Smurf1972 June 2014
  • Maybe they won't top this event. Maybe this is a final swan dive into neglect and disorder :mrgreen:
  • I went and bought everything straight out of the gate, only to realise that the chest is a prize, never mind I got two now ;). As Annette says really "Well DUH!" Goes for me two. I just can't help myself, they dangle premium content in front of my, I resist for a couple of seconds then my donut tally takes a huge hit. At…
  • If I didn't know any better it sounds as thoughEA might actually have listened to our complaints and grievances. Good news about not having to keep buildings free to click on :mrgreen:
  • This is a new piece of tech for me, so I'm experiencing the other side of the coin. Android and iOS never seemed to have a problem for me when it came to updating, was very surprised you have to go through more hoops with Kindle OS is Mojitos? Anyhow, hopefully you're all busy building the lodge right now. Happy tapping…
  • I think once you're updated then you can spy once you get past the third task. I'm available to be spied upon :mrgreen:
  • I've just done this on my Kindle Fire HDX, it worked just fine for me. Go to App Store search for TSTO as though you were going to download it from fresh and it should give you the option. Well it does in the UK store :D
  • Really, really need a like button on this forum. :thumbup: +1 what he said. The forum is here for everyone regardless of what their opinions may be, get used to it. If it puts you off that much, then don't read Dave's posts, simples init? :)
  • That's a really good design, I had to stare it a while even knowing what I was supposed to be seeing... It's terrible getting old you know :mrgreen:
  • No problems, Not been too bad since my last trip to Hospital. Hopefully keep me ticking over till I get some new parts ;)
  • It's hard going to save enough to buy the aspirational's until you've maxed out, unless of course you house farm. I bought the aspirational's pretty much all at the same time just not the WLCZ as I couldn't afford the $10m+ it would have cost. I think the aspirational's add a quirkiness to the towns that have them. Mine…
  • I have to say, I prefer TSTO but Family Guy is fun too. At the moment I'm still having horrid lag issues :(, so struggling to play TSTO, whereas FG I'm not having any issues yet.
  • Of Course we all want more land, but the reality is that we won't get any. :( That will require a huge increase in EA's server farm and I just can't see them expending anymore than is absolutely necessary to maximise profits. That and the fact stability issues might get worse. :mrgreen:
  • I play on my iPad Air, kindle fire hdx and a nexus 7, the kindle and nexus are my kids games so that I can keep them upto date... Or rather I just enjoy tapping.(I must be nuts ;))
  • Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK ;)
  • Wait and see what 4th of July brings, our Friends across the Pond seem to make a rather big fuss of that day for some reason. ;) :mrgreen:
  • I say both at the same time, just to mix it up some ;) :mrgreen:
  • Super Bowl Yellow badge thingy USS Tom wot sis name

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