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  • Echo Beach
  • I actually have 4 towns, and I recently reached level 50 with the 4th one. Three of the 4 are freemium. The main town was started after my original town somehow went into a black hole, never to return. So I started #2 to be a backup in case that ever happened again. # 3 was set up to be a feeder town, and then I decided to…
  • Excellent!!
  • Darn it, after reading all the posts, now I gotta have Dr. Nick. Time to save the donuts!!
  • I just remembered another good thing about the reset- I don't have the Burns Monster or the Krusty doll anymore. Never did care for them very much!
  • I feel for you... I started playing in early October, and about a month later, I was unable to access it. I still am not able to access it- server issues :evil: I started over and love my new Springfield, although I really wanted to have Kang. He was still flying around when the crash happened. I also lost Heck House,…
  • I have my tree in the "back lot" of Krustylu studios, The balloons were there as well until I thought they went well with Sir Putts-a-lot. It will be my go to storage place for things that earn money but don't fit well elsewhere.
  • I use my Krustylu Studios as a depository for holiday items that just don't fit anywhere. Anything could reasonably be on the backlot. My Christmas tree is the only thing there currently, but I had the Thanksgiving balloons were there until they seemed a good fit for Sir Putts-a-lot. I also bought the cannon, so Sideshow…
  • There are no guarantees that you would even get a heart from their Springfields anyway. I say just try again later.
  • And it's Dogbiscuit for the win! Hurray!! Athough I did not think that was the name of the dog I bet on! Just had to try after reading the previous posts...
  • From what I understand, you can not post screen shots untiil you are a level two member of the forum. No one is 100% sure how this happens, but promotions have happened on the 22nd of the month. it is probably related to time you have been a member and number of posts. In the mean time, if you post the link to your…
  • So I'd like to know where, you got the notion Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion To bump the boat, don't bump the boat baby Bump the boat, don't tip the boat over Bump the boat, don't bump the boat baby Bump the boat-t-t-t-t
  • Thanks Pchorsedoc!! It worked! It worked! I am still not sure if Grampa was locked up or just managed to wander into the prison yard, however.
  • Complete forum newbie here! I have been following the posts (but going back and forth, so I am a little more confused than usual) and would like to see if my comprehension of them leads to a successful screen shot post. mdfriend, I appreciate your new avatar as I had wondered if you were a doctor or a friend from Maryland!…
  • 50 years young! Like others who skew the demographic upwards, I remember Life In Hell (from the DC City Paper), and have loved the Simpsons for quite some time. My daughter (22) and I started playing TSTO on the same day and we are both addicted.

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