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  • The cross crease does 100% need to be more challenging. Easy pass that never gets intercepted and press up, BOOM hardest slap shot one timer every time regardless of attributes, positioning or control. This game in 1v1 modes already sucks big time. In the 2 games I played today I had 2 DIFFERENT players get breakaways and…
  • So EA has made it so that the only way to defend any forward speeding down the wing is to skate all the way back and wait for them to enter the zone.. because you can't do **** by actively changing players. It's so broken. I've been playing this game for a long time and have always won 80% of my games so this learn how to…
  • I think the people who have a gripe with one timers and cross crease success / lack of interceptions are talking about 1v1 modes. I know I am, I played some eashl yesterday and I honestly loved it, if you cover your man and get in lanes, use pokes and dss, you can give the offense a very tough time. Right now I have 0…
  • I know but there are players saying just being in the lane and facing the player isn't enough.. yet the pass can go right through with 0 effort.
  • I just think it's very clear that automation benefits the offensive player way more than a defensive player.. in eashl I only play forward and in ovp I'm 7-2-1, but every game the only move my opponent makes is forcing cross crease for one timers and it works way too much. Why do goalies never adapt ? If 8/10 shot attempts…
  • I agree with everything you're saying. Anyone who disagrees with what you're showing is clearly just going out of their way to prove you wrong by being absolutely ridiculous. The players who are saying the players complaining are used to automation are the players who clearly benefit from the automation of passes going…
  • My gripe is 1. With forced passes going through way too often and 2. If the pass goes through / isn't blocked, the goalie NEVER saves a one timer. Shouldn't they adapt ? Shouldn't the goalie AI recognize that their opponent is ONLY going for one timers and be able to save one ? I'm not exaggerating at all when I say every…
  • It is pretty crazy that seasons was taking out. Rivals is alright but the only reason I even play hut is to play until division 1 and building your team as you go. Looks like no hut for me this year.
  • Redbull, nothing else is streaming while I play, my phone is the only device connected while I'm online and while I'm playing I'm not on my phone. The Xbox is wired in as well. And Venom that happens to me all of the time lol hut challenges always DISC for me. Its getting too frustrating. It happened maybe once a night…
  • Yep this has been happening to me so much lately. No issues with ISP, even got a new Xbox One S and the problem still persists ONLY with EA NHL. It's infuriating.
  • I've been disconnecting almost every game and my Internet is well above the requirements. I only experience an issue with EA as well.
  • I'm surprised this went on for 6 pages lol playing with friends is what EASHL is good for, the people complaining need to either learn how to meet friends so they have someone to play with or just play 1v1 or HUT...
  • Yes you're right be a useful I used a short form term for people. I can't spell.. Moron.
  • Lol I don't understand why ppl are blasting you so much... I agree with everything you're saying. They made draft lobbies such a tedious **** thing to do. Even in OTP you can't say fill a room with 8 friends and then make it public to fill the spots. Lobbies were perfect before, EA removes them.. Logic ! As for the friends…
  • Yup this is very true, the old gen games were way better. TPS or pre TPS. Give me NHL11-Legacy with NHL17 graphics and I'm the happiest of campers.
  • lol that was very creative of you man. You're right though, one game against the AI and I'm bored.
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