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  • Signed in for the first time in a long time and collected 5yr badge. It seems like it has been longer. I was so confused starting at the end of thoh. Barely saved the cash for the first event building and won all the community prizes. Jackpot.
  • the Turkey was the prize for Thanksgiving when i first started playing (2013). That mini event had great dialog and some animated tasks. Google "Tapped Out Thanksgiving Walkthrough: A Thankless Thanksgiving (Complete)" to read the dialog. Some of it is really good. Raceish.
  • Sorry, Strongman Homer. Not Barbarian
  • It would have been nice to get my missing Aztec homer in the box. Only one playable, the witch and two skins: Barbarian Homer strongman homer and Shapes/Fit Marge. Mostly stuff I passed on for a reason. I still cleared it out. No complaints here. Thanks EA.
  • That is more remarkable work by SandwedgeKing [mmmmm sandwedge] but it would not come close to fitting in SH. That is using the better better part of one direction of greater springfield. Thanks for posting it.
  • 16! New characters added per the sets pages.
  • I play daily with two towns. One of them got the boatload offer, the other did not.
  • I was originally missing two corners. I could see them in storage (the all combined storage) near the front but it wouldn't let me use them. I exited the game, reloaded it, and went back to the inventory and it let me place them. Good luck.
  • My crawl town has been level 939 for months and i have caught bob in other springfield hundreds of times. I sync between neighbor screen and my town dozens of timies daily. No SSB. I don't really care since the town is secondary, but i'm considering jumping into the customer support requests for the sake of tsto science
  • Homer the heretic mini event started in my town that didn't play it.
  • I should not have used "Mystery Box" in the post. I really meant all of the various random prizes. Golden Scratcher for example. Those winter winter wonderland boxes may be another example.
  • the boardwalk fences make decent tracks.
  • I had a funzo that was stuck in the mountains beyond Springfield Heights. The screen could not center over the funzo, so it looked like it was going to nothing. If that is where your screen is going try tapping in the mountains.
  • I haven't counted but the dialog with Kang / Kodos made it sound like they could be changing the spawn rate for the second act. I know this not a very helpful post, just thought it was worth mentioning.
  • I kind of like it. There is no shortage of currency and I like doing the missions and reading the story. I'll be ready to roll in act 2.
  • I'm glad you chose to play along. The challenge made this event cruise right by. I was not nearly as frustrated and bored as the players seem to be. The level content is some of the best in the game. I saw you had leveled up to over 70 too. Very impressive tapping.
  • You are cruising Phin. I've could not play normally last week, but will get Drac at 3 pm here today. My crawl town will finish Monty for free. Both my main town and the challenge town are going to have to shell out 8D to unlock him.
  • I'm looking OK with dracula but at 1.5 out of 3 vs monteymort. I also think crafting will be fine even with no previous items. I've got 90 donuts I can use to rush battles at the bitter end if requirements aren't tweaked.
  • A couple of us started second towns after the event dropped and we both finished the first two acts. For me that means resetting tasks 4 times per day unless I forget once or stay up extra late on the weekend. We didn't even have Bart most of act 1 it did not cause a problem. Just like most events, you just need to be…
  • This seems like as good as a place as any to discuss neglected/retired aspects of the game. Place these in the order you think are most likely to be resurrected. Mine is below * New Aspirational Items * Roads to Riches * Springfield Heights * Frink Point Prizes * KrustyLand If i got to choose I would pick:* Springfield…

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