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  • Quit playing after the 1st day. After seeing how it all worked, I knew it would be way too tedious. I just don't want to spend that much time on a tablet game every day. The battle system in particular was the main turn off. I really don't understan…
  • I'm haven't turned on Tapped Out after 2 days into the event. It wasn't bad but these events are just popping up way too often for me. The events aren't even fun really, it's just the thought of getting unique and free items to add to my town that d…
  • I'm 3200 clues short with 7hrs left.. Been logging in 3-4 times per day for the majority of the event, I admit at the beginning I only managed to log in 2-3 times per day but I didn't think it would hurt me that much. Logging in 4 times per day at 4…
  • I'm frustrated too. I only have 12,290 clues and I've been logging in 2-3 times a day (to reset the 4hr resource tasks and tap bandits), occasionally 4 times. I don't even have the Barber Shop yet. I don't have any premium items but it has never fel…
  • 62k :( No premium characters and I'm not sure if I even have all the non-premium chars, doing the Ziffcorp quest-line at the moment. Been trying to do 3 casino runs a day but most days I only get 2 done. A few times, I've accidentally sent casino …
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