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  • With the Homer Buddha if you draw a premium item you already have you get the equivalent in donuts
  • These are the Homer Buddha odds <Consumable id="9" name="PlatinumPrizeBox" type="Box" icon="Menu_Premium_HomerBuddha" rewardText="UI_BoxReward_Buddha"> <Sell allowed="false"/> <Cost donuts="15"/> <Reward money="0" donuts="0" xp="0" chance="0.09983"> <Item type="consumable" name="PrizeBox"/> </Reward> <Reward money="0"…
  • These are the mystery box odds <Consumable id="8" name="PrizeBox" type="Box" icon="Menu_Premium_MysteryBox" rewardText="UI_BoxReward"> <Sell allowed="false"/> <Cost donuts="6"/> <Reward money="0" donuts="0" xp="0" chance="0.10983"> <Item type="consumable" name="PrizeBox"/> </Reward> <Reward money="0" donuts="0" xp="0"…
  • I would love a way to select multiple items when you want to move things around. Sometimes I like my layout and decorations of a building, but want to move it all someplace else. A way to select all the relevant objects would be great.
  • Actually I haven't really spent anything yet. I had spent $125 on donuts ad purchased all the premium items at the halloween update. Then my account was rest to level 1 for 2 months, so during that time I requested a refund from iTunes for my purchase. When my Springfield was restored all my premium items were there still.…
  • There will be a stocking to purchase that costs 50 coins each. It contains a random item like the reindeer. Also the tree and Santa's Village will start producing cash.
  • You can tweet Bernard Kim the Senior Vice President of Social and Mobile Publishing at EA. His handle is @gamerbk. If enough people make enough noise maybe something will be done
  • So another content update, yet still no fix. 5 weeks now for me with no resolution. Maybe EA should have the two teams switch jobs, as the one fixing the issues appears to be useless
  • Thanks for contacting Electronic Arts again. I am afraid to say that we are unable to provide the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to resolve this issue. I wish, I could reinstate your game and the in-game items. However we won't have tool to do so. EA simply develops the games and makes them available to your itunes. For…
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