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  • Yeah, it's just a graphical glitch. If you select the offending item, it usually goes back to the correct graphic. It quite amusing it when it happens with some of the more animated items, like fountains or balloons.
  • I for one (and this was already mentioned), that I'm tired of the same 4-hour 40 day game mechanic. I haven't really tried for this event, as I never get the last prize in the track.
  • We ain't found s***. Haha, classic.
  • Yeah, yet another in a long line of 4-hour crafting events. Same stuff different day. I do like the theme and the digging game. But yea, shovels just go too fast (or not enough are being collected), to justify playing more than 5 mins every 4 hours. Typical event. I'll just write off those last prizes now.
  • I for one am bored by the 4-hour event mechanic. Not much else except for a minigame, craftables, and collecting currencies (usually 3 or 6 per event). I grow tired of not ever being able to get those last one or two prizes in the track because I may miss a day or two. I'm just resigned to the fact that I'll never get them…
  • Sending PMs too.
  • Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Yeah, I have missed out on pretty much every last prize for each act since the wild west update. Edit: And just got the BSOD (Bart Screen of Death). :roll:
  • I was going to start a thread like this. Glad to see it here. I found this poor fella on fire the other day. Guess I'm having venison for dinner. :shock: Bonus: May love burn eternally.
  • So I can finally purchase the level 59 items at half price.
  • I do like that idea too. I did however find a "work around" for having to hunt down and find all the characters that aren't doing anything. I built a plaza in the center of my town that consists of a checkerboard pattern alternating between roads and pavement, then removed all the rest of the roads in town. This causes all…
    in Angry Mob Reply by Teksyn3 May 2013
  • Username: Teksyn3 Hourly player, eggs to share!

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