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  • THC, maybe, but not alcohol ;)
  • Oh, I don't mind it either...I'm just saying it's more smooth if you're a low level player since you wouldn't notice the wait times as much since there's so much more to do all over the place. I love having the new map since it allows far more freedom than if KL would have been part of our Springfields. I'm just curious as…
  • In truth, both Krustyland & Squidport were designed with the "new" player in mind, as the tasks and buildings slowly unlock throughout the levels. A new player would have more time before they could progress to a high enough level to build certain items, so it would allow for more ticket collections by the time they got to…
  • ...BUT you still don't need Bart & Lisa free for Abe Simpson to babysit them ;)
  • You do some great work! When you say "sketched out", do you use graph paper to simulate the squares of space in the game or another method? I'm curious as I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try, but I didn't want to screw around with them in my Springfield before I knew they'd work somewhat first :)
  • There isn't a stand-alone helicopter for Artie Pye. You just buy him for 85 donuts, then he fades away and will then appear in his helicopter for flying tasks. I would have liked a physical helicopter personally, but this is fine too.
  • Maybe Snake just can't find the Kwik-E-Mart in all of that. EDIT: Wait...Krustyland letters in Springfield? Towns meshed, I guess...didn't register the first time I looked.
  • You need to come check the board a little more often then :wink:
  • It would make sense that it went up a little as we're up another level. I'm just glad that it still has a cap!
  • He's "only" 85 donuts...no building needed :)
  • It's amazing that people still buy Homer Buddhas then complain when they get crappy items or mystery boxes. If there's a premium item you want, just get it! The odds of getting something like Frink's Lab are extremely small and you could just buy it straight up for what 10 Buddhas would cost. It sure beats getting tons of…
  • Once the update comes, all current hacks die. The guy who made the best hack is out of the game. That hack is the one that most people used...it was everywhere. I'm sure another hack will come around, but after this GZ fiasco, many are going to keep their hacks on lockdown. If anything, this whole thing will likely…
  • Exactly! That's why I don't have what I will now term as "hacker hate", but I'm livid about GameZino. THEY are the ones literally taking cash money put of EA's pockets because they're taking money from people who are obviously willing to spend! THAT is how a game loses money. As I said earlier, a lot of those hacking their…
  • Dude, I know you're reading my posts, but you're certainly not comprehending them, as you keep asking essentially the same question over and over. I'll go slow this time. Large percentage of hackers = problem Extremely small percentage of hackers = not a problem It doesn't matter how successful one game is versus another,…
  • And I quote myself once again: So, yeah, it does make your point less valid. Unless a whole lot more people start hacking (which won't happen) and EA's profits significantly drop (and they're not dropping, they're rising steadily), your argument doesn't hold water. Popularity is what will determine the lifespan of this…
  • I understand why you think this, but your logic is flawed in this case. The hacking hasn't made a dent in EA's profits...they're making money hand over fist with this game and the profits grow every day. For what you said to be true, a much larger percentage of players would have to hack, and the percentage is just not…
  • Definitely agree, good sir.
  • This is a slippery slope here...does that mean if you see someone has a crapload of premium stuff in their town, they must be hacking? We've all seen examples of people spending a TON of cash on the game legitimately, so who's to say who's hacking and who isn't? I mean, if someone has like a dozen Springfield Falls in…
  • I think this is closer to reality: A very, very, VERY small percentage of TSTO players hack. Many of these people who hack would likely never spend much, if any, money in the game in the first place. So how much is EA really losing? It's not the same as going into a store and stealing merchandise...it's not as if someone…
  • I beg to differ...I LOVE playing through Bluestacks! I get a much larger screen to look at, stereo sound and it runs really well. A few months back, the game's sound was pretty bad, but that's not the case anymore. It's also great to use when you're trying to design your town...much easier than trying to move fencing…

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