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  • Restarting my phone worked for me... good luck to the rest of you
  • May i have a PM please? :D
  • May I have a PM as well please? :lol:
  • Thanks for the quick help! I will get right on that :D
  • Okay awesome. Thanks! :D
  • Yes that's exactly what I'm talking about. Forgot I did that, and you're right that's exactly when the problems started. Do you know if they're going to fix it? Or is it just gonna be stuck like this from now on
  • So if the star spawn don't give out candy apples, and the adults can't be used to earn them, and the campfire no longer spawns nightmares, the ONLY way to get them is by hunting nightmares with the kids... Essentially meaning people without premium kids are screwed :cry: Or am I missing something?
  • No, unless my game glitched. After placing the collider there was a 45 second task with homer, but as soon as i finished there was a little dialogue and then the deal came up on my screen
  • I'm not 100% sure i understand the question, maybe I just wasn't clear with what happened. I figured it was worth it regardless of who the character was, so i spent the $6. After i spent the money, then the box appeared. I got Frink (w/Frink's Lab) as my character, the Try'N'Save as my building, and my 150 donuts. Does…
  • up until this, i was convinced i was gonna stay freemium... but that's the fastest $6 I've ever spent. 150 donuts for basically half price, AND a free character and building to boot. Then i opened the box and it was Frink, who was number one on my list to buy! One incredibly happy tapper here :D :D
  • Is there actually anything new in the shop?? I saw a little 3 notification on buildings and 2 on decorations but when I opened those menus i didn't see any new items, limited time or otherwise. Will they all come out with act 2?
  • I play off/off when I'm in public and on/on when I'm at home because I really enjoy some of the things the characters say when you put them on tasks. Unfortunately, this occasionally gets awkward when I forget to turn the sound back off and I get zombies growling loudly in the middle of a lecture... :oops:
  • I normally drop 1 or 2 in each town, especially if the person looks behind. That said, I have found a few people (quite by accident) that are usually on around the same time as me. For those people, I drop the full 10 knowing that they'll be on in the next couple of minutes to clear them out. If they're fast enough, I'll…
  • Also, if you're going to do this, please make sure the road is VISIBLE! I have a few neighbors with tetris towns who have cleared all but one road, but the buildings overlap the road so much that I can't actually see it. Zombies and Skeletons show their heads, but snakes and rabbits are impossible
  • Amount of formless terrors - 0 (Just sent out about 30, currently #3 on my leaderboard) Campfire Level - 3 Crafted Items - Spooky grove, currently 16 snakes from Spooky House Personal Prizes - Got the Spooky Cabin, currently 387 s'mores from Pirate Kang Purchases - none, but eyeing radioactive millhouse Feel like I'm doing…
  • I'm pretty sure Armpit is right. Addicts has Kang's skin listed at 2160, in my game it shows the counter at 1620. The 2nd prize was 540, and 540 + 1620 = 2160. Why they decided to do it like that though.... couldn't tell you
  • Thomasx35 Daily player Edit: Town is full, sorry
  • Oh my gosh I'm sorry! :oops: I have no idea why I assumed you were a she, this is embarrassing... Got invites from Neggy, Squirrel, and Spiders and added you all, plus one from BrideofFrank. The towns look great, I was especially impressed with Neggy's use of space on the Squidport :lol: Also @spiders... I had no problem…
  • I don't mean to be rude and commandeer this post, but I'm hoping since Samaranth only has one spot left she won't mind too much. :D I also have some neighbor spots left over, courtesy of "daily" players from the add me threads who haven't logged in in 3+ weeks. :roll: I do my visits every day and would love to see some of…
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