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  • Got it. It's just a random reward after a random number of weeks. I gave up building as I had what I need but don't mind starting up again though hate to grind track when an event is tying up key players. When focused and not in an event I can usually finish a week of rail by Friday and load every resource up to max. Not…
  • D'oh! Thought it was going to midnight. Well, I did get an extra 40M or so from grinding but wish I had more time to grind. Want to get to 2B because I'm pretty sure after 2B it won't gain any more. I'm #3 in my group with 1,581,100,000. Going to take a long time to rebuild the crafted items to 206 counts.
  • If I wanted to Craft, I'd play the Family Guy game! There's a reason I play TSTO more often than that one!
  • Gil disappeared after I bought the Oktoberfest Arch. Now I can't get the Bierstein Wiggam! GRRRRRR!!!
  • I want more rail pieces thank you very much. Just don't make trash if you don't want them. I want a loop and still need more pieces. I want to vote for that option.
  • Same here. I have a whole lot of white houses that I reserve for neighbours and try never to click but only one of them ever has any money levitating and that's one I think I accidentally clicked at some point during the event. The rest of all those White Houses are always devoid of dollars and when clicked always report…
  • I didn't look at my donut totals before using the "visit neighbours" trick for collecting from the station but I didn't get any donut indication either. Did get 10 donuts for my 5-day bonus though. :) I'll try to remember to check next week. I love collecting thse track pieces. I have such great plans for my Monorail!
  • Same here. TimeHorse can log in but as soon as my game loads and displays I see naught. I have a whales task pending that I'd like to release.
  • I've won too many games. I had to drop some friends because I'm the leader and some folks haven't played in weeks so if you want to see if you've won more games than me, feel free to friend request TimeHorse. I'm happy to accept the best.
  • Since the game doesn't sort the character icon list and many characters who can generate tickets are a lot of taps from the top could you create a table of what characters can generate tickets and how long? I just can't keep track of them all and although they should make ticket-generating character come first, I expect…
  • Actually, update! Fixed! :)
  • Woo hoo! Fixed in the latest update!!
  • I will be very donut poor when I have everything crafted. DNA is not coming out fast enough and I need 7,659 Fertilizer, 677 Corn, 9,153 DNA and 2,768 music to craft everything. I wish someone told me the * killer increased payouts earlier. I though it just uselessly increased hit area.
  • Like many, one of my Terwilliger tasks is no longer highlighted so when I rotate through the characters it's tedious to find if they have another task and more tedious to find in the list of worthless characters I have to scroll through to get to the ones with important tasks. I hope you give everyone jobs in the next…
  • The buy option stopped quite early for me, at 8,000/10,000 so since I still need the Farmer's Market and about 6,000 fertilizer to get it I just went back to that for old Burnsie. Is EA aware of the glitch as this is the game forum, not the bug forum.
  • I'm so buggered. Still at 7167 fertilizer and 4282 corn. I'm gonna have to spend over 150 donuts to get the Farmers Market with no place to put it by tomorrow never mind the grass and smoke house. Gold Cannon! Gold Cannon! But seriously, I log in multiple times a day, some times every two hours. How come I'm so far behind…
  • Honestly, I don't mind one 4-hour bouncy-castle and one 4-hour costume because I miss Devil-girl Shauna and giving her a 4-hour task is nice. I will say my list of priorities is: Shauna (Devil-Girl) Ralph (Mountie) Lisa (Little Miss Witch) Off-hand, I don't think an of the other costumes were that cool. I'll probably…
  • I don't know anything about buying halloween costumes but have posted before about letting Shauna have hers since I accidently dismissed her in February or so IIRC (Yes, I kept her for months after Halloween by not dismissing her!) and she needs a 4-hour task!
  • 5:36 minutes left for the current task, then I have to activate and complete the 2 hour final task. This game is really a torture. Fertilizer doesn't accumulate fast enough, corn doesn't accumulate fast enough, daily tasks are 14 hours or more. And update pushed so at least I can't start the next task for another 2 or 3…
  • 426/1331 and still at level 6. Ack! It's hopeless! I'll never get the market even though I'm in there multiple times a day completing the daily tasks. It's gold Cannon all over again! Ack! :?
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