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  • This guy!! In fact I was struggling to think of his name to add to the thread when I saw this post pop up :)
  • I'm going to play devils advocate (hope I don't take too much heat...). Usually there is some form of "currency" we can hoard at the end of an act to carry over to the next to get a jump on start. Usually things you drop in neighbour's towns or not collect from a building, etc. I know there was talk on here about holding…
  • Thank you for this! Pretty sure I'm grabbing him with all the help with the quick replies.
  • Right on, Thanks! :)
  • I know this is last year's thread but I didn't see his tasks listed in the pages here other than a 24 hr visual. I passed last year but was thinking of getting him this year. I was wondering if someone could list all his tasks please and if his 24 hr one was the only visual? Any regrets from last year after the snow…
  • :shock: Very Happy it did become a thread!! *rushes off to find No. 1* :mrgreen:
  • if you bought the premium House of Evil last year, like I think OP did and started this thread, it was 90 donuts and it came with the Killer Krusty doll (NPC) and this year people (aka me or new players freemium(I'm not New lol)) just got the house of evil as part of the event. :) Edit: but no Killer Krusty doll, which I…
  • Wow, I was reading this thread this afternoon and it has escalated quickly! I will throw my log on the camp fire and say I passed last year (lack of donuts at the time) on the House of Evil when it came with the Killer Krusty doll and really wanted it..with the doll!! That doesn't come with it now and yes, I do now have…
  • I've been dropping when and where I can with a few back and forth between friends that happen to be on at that time. I think clearing them is ridiculously hard! I'm having a lot of lag with this update and scrolling to catch up to the blobs has me clicking on random houses and characters that I then have to clear that menu…
  • This is what I was thinking. I think it's great if they're splitting up jobs and making characters have individual jobs for each time slots (the main ones anyway) Mindy is my pet peeve with her 1 hr or 8 hr, nothing in between!
  • Thank you :lol:
  • I'll be saving up donuts for sure for Belle!! :) I really like they're bringing out a few extra buildings for cash with the new levels. I'm super broke from buying land but it's nice to have the option lol
  • Mine's still plain broke as well. No bonzai :cry:
  • The response you got to your question is the reason I have been a very long time lurker and rarely post questions. There are great mods and very helpful people on here but I'm always worried about being jumped on for asking what someone has deemed "a stupid question". To speak to your post, all the buildings for squidport…
  • So we asked for the glitches by asking to store the buildings?? When did you start being so condescending towards people on the forum?? I believe people were asking to store them BY fixing the problem. Asking for things, especially bug fixes is a big part of the posts on here and knowing what others are experiencing. YOU…
  • This helped a lot! Thank you! BBM is earning his trophies and I'm just focusing on one thing at a time. It was frustrating when I was trying to get everyone getting everything!! I'm trying to keep the extra earners not needed right now in SH on outdoor visual tasks for when I need them again!! ?
  • I was so puzzled by the pieces and so happy I checked out this showcase!! There're so may creative minds on this forum ? I'm trying to put mine on the beach and this gives me lots of ideas!! I've poured my glass of wine..time to experiment ?
  • Good(ish) to see I'm not the only one. I read a few people have contacted EA about it and I was wondering if I should do the same or if they'll just fix it? It's always been a bit of a hassle for me actually contacting them about things in the past.. :roll: I may just wait this one out a bit..
  • Thanks :)
    in Avatar Reply by TulaJitt April 2015
  • How many posts before you can have an avatar? :) I've been a very looooong time lurker but not a poster. My first post was on here was to get friends over a year ago when I started playing so that's how long I've been lurking..but not posting :P
    in Avatar Reply by TulaJitt April 2015

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