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  • I just finally cleared out my friends list due to the same problem. I'm fairly forgiving though, my limit is 2-3 weeks. More if I really like their town though. That would probably change quite a bit if the fps were time-limited.
  • I like the well-organized SFs too. But mine is pretty messy right now. For awhile they kept adding new content, especially time-sensitive content, so quickly I couldn't keep up. I'd rather get the prize now while its free than waste time and game money on more land to do it all right. Maybe some day there will be time to…
  • This has been a common problem for a lot of people. You can try just getting everyone free and storing everything, but for me I just kept playing normally and it eventually triggered.
  • I'm all for the people that want the content right away. Someone has to pay the developers to keep adding content, and if others are willing to trade real money for patience, I say more power to them.
  • I ended up getting him on my main account. But I'm a droid user, wish they would have given us a chance to get him for free, or at least cheaper. His tasks are alright, I'm still not sure if I made the right choice. But what is a Springfield without Barney?
  • I'd prefer radioactive man as a character, but I'd take just the skin if it meant he was in the game.
  • Nice, I've been on for a while, but have also had to take breaks. But these forums have always been helpful to me. The moderators are amazing as are the members. If you have a question it will very frequently be answered very quickly. I'd just recommend looking through the guides and searching for any questions you might…
  • Getting the statue and donuts can definitely be tricky. I have a few towns, sometimes it worked first time, sometimes it took a while.
  • Congrats! And I'm glad you got everything back. I don't understand why people complain when EA can't keep up with all of the new devices and updates and not have a few glitches. Unfortunate, but I'm glad they fixed your issues. Wish I'd see more posts like this here.
  • Oh, life isn't worth living if you can't handle self mocking. The only problem with that online feed is that apparently all we can see in America are little clips. The full episodes are only available in Australia. Which is too bad, but from what I saw, it looked great.
  • Just started to check this show out. So far I find it definitely funny. And as I said, wish more shows would offer more online free streaming.
  • The game wasn't released for android devices until after the event to get the store was over. As far as I know you must have had an iphone and been playing the game before then to get it. I wouldn't mind getting it, but I don't think its that important.
  • Yeah, and having to have a cable provider is a catch for me. I could pay for cable..but I prefer my hd antenna (local channels plus more for free) and netflix. I only pay 7 dollars a month for tv (that doesn't include my internet charge, but I would have that anyway.) Netflix doesn't have my comedy central shows, but I…
  • I started with just free items, but eventually I realized that the game was so enjoyable that I didn't mind paying a little bit for a few premium items. I did wait for the Gil deals, and spent less than most games cost, and in the end I think it was worth it. Wouldn't recommend this strategy for the completionists though.
  • I always try to watch the show, but depending on scheduling I don't always have the time to catch new episodes. I can play the game anytime though, so I try to put in my time at least daily. Wish they would do something similar to southpark where you can watch new episodes online for free the next day.
  • Yeah, I would disagree about feeling sorry too. I wish I had just started the game. The only thing I would regret is not getting a few one-time characters/buildings/etc. But I've really enjoyed moving through the storyline at my own pace. Welcome to the forums! I hope you find them as helpful as I have.
  • Yeah, I have two svts two. I think there was some glitch on when you use him in sf/kl. I don't think there is anything to do about it. Congrats on the 30 donuts! That seems to be happening more often lately. Finally some prizes other than fences and trees.
  • It's great that you already have collected all of the prizes, but you should still visit your friends. A lot of us can use the extra presents that you can drop. And you can always just collect the other drops, money, xp, kl tix.
  • I've never heard of those called zebra crossings before. But I do like to call signs with pictures of a person on a horse a centaur crossing.

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