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  • If you are still having the same issue, make sure you use lowercase letters in your email. If you use any uppercase, it will generate the same verification code, but will be wrong because it generated it for a lowercase version, not any uppercase version that you may have typed.
  • I am unable to collect fire hydrants for the next phase of the dog event. I can send characters to do any other task, related or unrelated, but any time I click on any character to collect hydrants specifically, the game crashes. I have exited out, and closed the game, as well as restarted my iPad, and even deleted and…
  • Hey guys, letting you know that I found a temporary fix. I disabled the monorail stations by disconnecting the track. I also removed a lot of track, and now it doesn't freeze anymore. Seems that even with a nuked Springfield, that monorail was just too much for the game to handle.
  • Same thing on mine. Both iPad and iPhone on various versions of iOS6. Everything was working fine yesterday. That is, whenever they add land, my roads and such get shifted around, and whatever's on the beach cannot be moved. Although, surprisingly SH stayed the same. I, however, did not contact EA about this because I…
  • I am dying for more land! I've been hoarding buildings in my inventory since level 38! Each update, more buildings I have to store. It's not like I house farm or anything like that. I just have a lot of premium buildings. Pretty much all from 2014 were bumped up all together due to lack of room. Please EA! I'm begging…
  • Well, then that was a very pointless item. It's not like I ever got eggs from any of them. Seems like there would be absolutely no reason for anyone to have more than one color of baskets even if you did get eggs from neighbors. I mean, from what eggs I did give (I was very generous, as the conversion pay out was never…
  • I thought it was a continuous item, like Xmas trees and pumpkins. Why did they allow us to buy and win an unlimited amount if this was the case? Seems wrong. They were in my inventory with other holiday decorations, but eggs of course weren't, as they were obviously a limited time currency. Also, before the level 41…
  • I have and Easter section in my Springfield, and I noticed that both my pink and blue baskets are missing. Everything else is still there though. I went to check my inventory, because I had several more baskets, but they are missing too. Other easter decorations however remained. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder…
  • Thank you EA. I thought that with today's update I would FINALLY be able to play this on an iOS device. Not only does it STILL crash with this update, but now that I FINALLY got the game to work on the android, you've taken that away. It cannot connect to server. Ever.
  • OMG! I have a working game!!! After finding out that there was a Google Play update, I quickly grabbed my crappy old android tablet, deleted and reinstalled TSTO, and it works!!! Some minor lag issues in some neighbors lands, but who cares, it works!!! I was so worried that my account's file was forever corrupted, and…
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