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  • I just tested this on my B-town I quit playing a while back. I sold the Van Houten house, and Milhouse and the house showed up in the store under characters (the top left with the Homer/Bart icon) for me. Try looking there again. If not there, I'd double check the inventory and then be at a loss after that.
  • Guess I'm a lucky one. When I opened the app, it logged me off, but I was able to get right in and assign everyone tasks, and visit all my friends. Hopefully I don't find out it didn't sync when I log on tomorrow.
  • I put them all next to (semi) relevant buildings. Rusty by Android's Dungeon, Blinky on the Squidport by Three Eyed Sushi, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II by the pet store, Stampy by the Freakshow Tent, and Itchy, Scratchy and Poochy by the Shuttle. I forgot what I did with the Grumple, and took me a while to find…
  • Not to hijack the thread, but on the topic of minor complaints, does it bother anyone else that the payout icon on Itchy & Scratchy Studious, and the Quimby Compound is too high above the building. For every other building the icon actually touches the buildings, but there is a gap for these 2 buildings. Just looks a bit…
  • I am getting lag from assigning tasks. It freezes for a second or two after each task is assigned and when I click on the next character. It also lags a bit after tapping handshakes. Everything seems fine scrolling through town or collecting from buildings w/o handshakes though.
  • I have every premium item that was available since I started playing except for the funzos. I've been playing enough (and spent enough doughnuts) to where I have too much in game cash and don't care about the payouts or multiplier. My only real concern is if I think it will add to the town. I have all the other NPCs, but…
  • I've spent more than I'd like to admit or care to count. When I first started playing I couldn't stop buying scratchers. Just checked my Google Play order history and this is what my first 10 days of doughnut purchases were like. The next 10 days didn't look any better. If only I could go back and tell myself to run. I've…
  • I'm on Android and have been getting neighbor visit notifications for a while now. I have notifications turned off via the in game settings and the device application settings, but it never sticks. The notifications just come back after a day or so and I have to turn them off again via device settings. I've tried nothing…
  • I have a neighbor for each letter actually. I made sure of that when adding friends. I only have one 'O' friend though and he/she hasn't played in a while. I might need to scout the add-me thread for an O.
  • I have 2 towns..this one, and another that starts with t. In my 't' town, I noticed most of my visitors are from the latter half of the alphabet (I have at least one friend for each letter of the alphabet cause I'm weird like that). I think some of us late letter tappers are looking out for each other a little bit. I…
  • Thanks for the info. I could have sworn I tried it before, but it just wouldn't let me and I had to settle for awkwardly placed or sub-optimal fences/hedges. Maybe not though. If it was possible about 6 months ago in the same glitchy way, guess we shouldn't be too hopeful that they'll correct it anytime soon.
  • They added some nice features. Love the census and I'm glad they finally added the ability to hide water/pavement. It would always think I clicked on pavement and drove me crazy back during the pavement lag glitch. The friend's list is definitely slower. The framerate seems all out of whack. I did notice getting 5 emblems…
  • Wonder if he's going to be voiced. He's never before been seen. Is he going to never be heard too?
  • I usually get them instantly. You could try to restart the app store to speed things along. Other than that, I'm not sure.
  • I'm in the US so I'm not sure if it's in other countries. If you have a kindle or android device, it should show up at the top of the app store. It's also showing up amazon.com for me. Don't click, but move your mouse over "Shop by Department" and then "Appstore for Android" and you should see a banner there. My…
  • Thanks for this. I always check the Amazon App of the Day but didn't notice that they came with 100 coins today. I just saw the photography apps and decided to pass. You have my many thanks.
  • Had some luck today. Got the Faberge egg and Father Sean. Took a while for each though. I finished the questline a while ago and opened about 40 gold boxes. Still need the Kang topiary (I have 5 of kodos :evil: ) and Ms Bobbins.
  • This magical 4.8 update also seems to have fixed most all of the errors in my game. I've had an open ticket with EA for a couple of months now where everything from the ticket was fixed. The common ones, which were the concrete/road freeze and layering issues, seem to be fixed. I do have a second delay with concrete, but…
  • I was just randomly browsing the top apps in the Google Play Store one June evening and saw this game was #2 or 3 grossing. Since I used to be a huge Simpsons fan, I had to check it out.
  • Looks to be a UK only thing. Checking amazon for the game, the appstore at amazon.uk says "Earn 150 Amazon Coins when you buy this app" while that is nowhere to be found on the US amazon.com appstore. Still nice for all of our UK appstore users.

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