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  • Usually don't take this game serious at all or complain much but this is ridiculously annoying. Have only has Helter Shelter left on the wheel since almost a week before Christmas. I should of had it twice when it landed on it but ended up with $1000 both times. Give us some type of break here especially if tokens were…
  • Wiggum lights maybe? Other Christmas lights maybe? Just a guess
  • Yea, there are some kinda lame prizes. But there are some cool ones too. That raccoon though? Really? But it's still an ok update. My biggest complaint is where are the decorations for the houses not around last year?? Wiggum's house, Wolfcastle, Fat Tony's, Burns Mansion (even though I know he's Ebenezer Burns, Smithers…
  • The plow king was paying a bonus? Thought it was the same as a regular character when I looked a couple days ago
  • This thing is definitely rigged. I had 31 spins. First spin I got Skinner's house lights. Then a bunch of cash and gift cards with Maggie, Marge, Santa's Little Helper and Grampa snow people. 25 cash and gift cards. It slows down considerably on the cash and doesn't get past ever when it's on the edge, while it seems to…
  • Dope.. Simply put. And since they're probably reading this as well...EA, can we pleaseeeeee get a group move option. Sort of like copy and paste to move a whole property instead of each individual piece. Like the whole Simpson's property including the treehouse, hammock, pool etc. Aything highlighted or whatnot would move…
  • I hear alot of people getting the lights from the Christmas Wheel. That's what's up. I knew they couldn't leave that out lol.. Pretty cool update so far. Can't wait to really get into once I'm out of work lol
  • I was looking around everywhere for them too. I got all the ones from last year already so when the task popped up it ended real quick and that was that. With all the loads in this update we aren't getting any new lights for the new buildings? If so, that's realllll corny. Hope were wrong and just haven't got to it yet.…
  • Lol.. Christmas coins again?!?! Lmao.. U might get bunch of people though
  • Halloween happened very early in October and lasted well into November so I don't think they care to much about length. Plus Halloween is later in the month then Christmas so it would make sense to get the Christmas update out at the same time if not earlier then Halloween. Just a thought. But they're gonna do it how they…
  • Last year didn't we get the cool brown house episode tie in a day or two before the Christmas update? I still say later today or tomorrow.. Christmas is only 3 weeks away.. Christmas is a season so they don't wanna wait to long to capatilize on the season and spending before people spend to much on other Christmas shopping
  • December 4th 2:30 P.M. East Coast time
  • Last years Christmas was great.. Brought us so much good stuff. As bad as I don't want to say it, I will though. I don't think they can top last years. I loved both Halloweens but the first one seemed better. The ghost were cool but besides Kodos there really wasnt much else really relevant. A few other cool things like…
  • December 4th
  • Was getting all the error messages earlier today and couldn't get in. Now after the Fox screen the loading screen comes on and I don't e en get the spinning doughnut, it goes right to my screen name start. I'm kinda scared to go into my town cuz of this rollback thing going on. The game has never not had to load like that…
  • I was just about to ask this. Wasnt sure if my fingers slowed up considerably since last night or what. But I was miserably failing at this lol. Out of all things they fix they chose to fix one that benefits players instead of the ones that hurt them. Smh.. Oh well, it will be alot less time consuming in friends towns now
  • That's kinda weird to just stop like that.. Never got the task to merge them either. Not sure if u guys are saying its part if the quest or not. Surprised I haven't seen a walk through of the Kodos Questline. I lived Kangs, a little disappointed in Kodos' though even though I love the character
  • So does anybody have the Questline for Kodos' storyline? I just completed the impersonate Kang task. Anybody know what's after that?
  • I don't know why everybody is bashing the OP. It's THEIR opinion and THEIR friends list. There's no right way to play the game but if they want neighbors that are participating in Halloween that's THIER choice. Just like the people choose to go to Krustyland, the OP chooses to focus on Halloween and friends that do as…
  • I'm having the samething happen.. I think it's kinda stupid.. To each their ow though. If they feel like getting Krustland tickets they can do so. And if u feel like deleting them for more active Halloween friends, then do so. Personal presence lol. But like I said I think it's kinda stupid and a tad inconsiderate to focus…

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