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  • I'm at the point of storing larger ( wailing walls) items as they are getting hard to hide. My multiplier is down 200% but still close to 3000. I didn't do as good a job as you do in leaving wiggle room so I'm breaking up older areas and storing them. I had to give up on the finishing touches like stop signs and parking,…
  • But you are still a hero because you are trying to help. 👍
  • Hi There is an add me section at the top of the forum. Posting here is frowned upon and no one will add you. Try the proper section.
  • Really badly designed event. Hay bales are same size as jack-o-lanterns. They can not be placed end to end they have to have a gap. At least we can buy them for cash. They stack if you tap them like the stacking sheep. I did a pumpkin farm with a hay maze but it could be way better if the hay fit together. Rest of the…
  • But it appears they are in a bundle, you get one large and one single per bundle, with a bunch of useless stage props.. Hope they are available seperate.
  • The espresso my vacuum cleaner makes sucks!
  • Hi, welcome to the forum. As this is a fan based forum and not an official EA game site none of us know. There have been people here ask for him on and off for years, but if EA is listening, it hasn't happened yet.
  • I love these buildings with the monorail. I have used a bunch of the stores as stops, even though it doesn't really stop. If you have extra stairs they work well too. The mirror houses make a great townhouse complex. I hope we get more buildings with track on top in the future. It opens up a ton of possibilities and helps…
  • Yes. Hay bales!
  • Some other things that would be nice. A way to use the zombie sandwich for longer than 1 hour Send all kids trick or treating at once. Some lit decorations or animated ones that could be used for decorating neighbourhoods.
  • I would love some different gameplay. Have us egg neighbours houses, something different. More halloween skins for buildings would be nice. We can decorate without needing to add a ton of buildings and up the item count. I love the monorail tie in with this event. Please keep that up.
  • Sure are. I have a condo complex made of them, with streetlights and a monorail on the roof of the strip mall.😁
  • So what do we talk about now........🫣
  • But that was enormous. This was very frustrating and without your help we wouldn't even know if the devs knew.
  • Lets close this discussion with: Yay its fixed 🥳🎈🎉
  • @1-Graham-S Thank you for pushing this. You were the only person on any forum I am on that went the distance. 🫡
  • Another https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/profile/discussions/drugskid
  • I hate that sound, especially the super loud birds chirping. I dont remember being able to play with sound on. On the S22 issue, all the buildings from this event are visible and stable. Wouldn't you think comparing them to the invisible ones would be a good starting point. Question: Is EA actually working on this. Really.…
  • There are a number of issues. Game is currently unplayabe on Galaxy S22 series of devices. The significant issue known to us as 'the glitch' has never been resolved. There have been a number of patches needed in events to correct issues. One group I am in submitted around 2 dozen issues to EA. They were mostly related to…
    in Events Reply by Willy9292 August 8
  • Given the age of the game, I don't see much chance of any big changes. The glitches and issues in each event are starting to occur much more frequently. By now the game code must be a mess.
    in Events Reply by Willy9292 August 8

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