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  • Pretty common issue dealt with in lots of threads, so the answer is simple. Just store the building and it will release everyone. Welcome to the forum, check out the tips thread.
  • Loanet wrote: » My Golden Goose gives off money now. Then you have enough tokens for all available land. That's how it works, it will revert when new land is released.
  • Dalekbuster523 wrote: » bluntcard wrote: » I have to admit, I haven't even downloaded the new event. EA are to blame for holding a Simpsons panel at E3 and not announcing a new console game. Give it a, rest. And please don't kee…
  • Dalekbuster523 wrote: » GrowlyOne wrote: » Dalekbuster523 wrote: » scskye wrote: » This post makes no sense to me. Why would anyone who’s played Tapped Out (an app game) care about a console game? I'd rather have a console game…
  • @txrabbit3737 I have to agree about both games. Cheers
  • txrabbit3737 wrote: » Willy9292 wrote: » KLmaker wrote: » abc1939593565 wrote: » Well an esports themed one it looks like so shoots down my speculation of a soccer themed event with the world cup being on fox this year. Why do p…
  • I'm on second last prize and have not seen any. There are none listed on the chart.
  • KLmaker wrote: » abc1939593565 wrote: » Well an esports themed one it looks like so shoots down my speculation of a soccer themed event with the world cup being on fox this year. Why do people call it soccer, not only do I think it's a …
  • rw228 wrote: » Is the flower cart unique? Might be useful to have more than one. It appears that its a prize track prize. That would make it a one of. If we had crafting they occasionally allowed us to craft additionals, but looks doubtful.
  • nmd6 wrote: » Is it just me or have I not progressed enough into the event yet but it seems like another mini event to me. Usually on a major event it has tabs indicating week 2 week 3 etc. they haven't appeared on mine yet. It that long since we …
  • NickiElliott wrote: » Interesting that we have an update and a new splash screen but no new content or event as yet ... We never get the content until the event starts. For a significant time the event update has been released the day befo…
  • hrcanejane365 wrote: » How/where do you look to see how many land tokens you have? click on a piece of un-owned land as if you were buying it. Popup will ask if you want to use cash, if its possible, and will display the current number you…
  • spyder1952850 wrote: » See more here: https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/244594/my-springfield-won-t-free-up-half-of-my-characters#latest I think there might be at least one more thread on this. Or 10
  • From the rules thread: Being temporarily banned from the Forums means that you have broken the rules or have not been participating in a constructive fashion. Take a break, go for a walk, have a snack, play some games: it's not a big deal. We're no…
    in 4junk Reply by Willy9292 June 9
  • I put mine to work in construction. They seem quite productive.
  • Dalekbuster523 wrote: » Deadshot_DCU wrote: » I want sequels to some of the old events with new quests, characters, buildings, skins & decorations. Superheroes 5, Stonecutters 2, Destination Springfield 2, Whacking Day 2 & a proper …
  • KTwins97 wrote: » I have a unique problem with my game. I sent most of my characters to a daily activity. Since the 4 hours passed it will only give me 1/2 of the characters..the others are still in their done position. Then when I return to the g…
  • This is an apples and oranges discussion. The Yearbook doesn't offer rebates because of the incredible deep discounts. I have paid 30 donuts in the yearbook for items that I paid 150 in other towns when the item was new. To me the vault is good f…
  • IncarceratedBart wrote: » GrowlyOne wrote: » LetoAtreidesII wrote: » > @draco2tiam590 said: Besides, I often get up once in the middle of the night to pee anyway. Don't many people do that? Eventually I'll get my bonus up high en…
  • zlevell786 wrote: » Mines’s worse than ever. Multiple Bart screens before eventually loading. @zlevell786 how is it when you get in game. Do they continue, or is it in the loading logon only?

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