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  • I did a quick search and stopped counting at 9 threads about Golden Goose Realty. There are many themes that have popped up over the 6 years I have been here, move the mountains, GGR, monorail tracks, more land, heights buildings, and on and on. Ne…
  • There are a couple issues with extended threads in a language other than English. First the forum rules state:"Post in the language of the forum". EA's forum, EA's rules I never mind if a question is posted in another language and a quick…
  • On the bonus items with donut purchase, once you buy it the bonus offer ends. Next time you buy you get donuts. It's a single time offer.
  • (Quote) Just a suggestion. In one of my towns the event seemed to start when I was clearing using skyfinger. I keep waiting for the dialogue to start but nothing. Then I found the event in the task list icons. The initial task for Homer and Lis…
  • (Quote) I understand your access issues but many people like the OP do not have these issues and are looking for something faster. Once you get your multiplier up to around 800 you can generate significant amounts of donuts without needing to be o…
  • I'm guessing really soon.
  • Do you have the animations in Itchy and Scratcy Land running... Log ride, roller coaster, race track. There were huge issues with them slowing the game down, for some people it became unusable. The control piece of each ride allows you to turn off…
    in Game lag Reply by Willy9292 May 19
  • (Quote) Splash screen stays until the next store update. They used to have a takedown update fairly quickly, but now it may stay till next event, which will probably be a mini, maybe next week, maybe not.
  • Please use the big thread at the top of the forum labelled add me thread. It was created to prevent these threads from clogging up the game discussion area. You will aldo have way more luck using the right area. Welcome to the forum, take some t…
  • Don't forget that whales count for more than one item, but they are a great multiplier boost using no land.
    in Whale Reply by Willy9292 May 9
  • (Quote) Over the years this has been discussed about as often as swapping items with another player, and having an index for inventory. As other have said, not happening. I have found, over many years, that sometimes those things I felt were junk…
  • As you progress in multiplier there seems to be a point where you become self sustaining. If I send everybody on 24 hr tasks, when I log in and use skyfinger, then clear tasks, I end up with about 40 plus donuts. I have little recycling center doin…
  • (Quote) O's does not matter. What exactly are they saying. Sort of need details to help you more.
  • (Image) One of the few times here I didn't listen to @johncolombo was when the mountain moving glich occurred. Glad I didn't. Sorry John
  • Please use the clearly visible add me post at the top of the forum. It will make you truly welcome.
    in Add me Reply by Willy9292 May 5
  • Hey @wadebear I saw a post from you a couple days ago and thought maybe you were coming back. Been a long time, and the old timers ranks have dwindled a tad. Welcome back.
  • If it does return, you will find threads here telling people it's back. Last time there were multiple threads and discussions on it being back. These were followed by multiple posts of people wanting it and asking why no one told them it was back.…
  • (Quote) I though your comment was appropriate. As a 5 plus year member here, this is not the forum it once was. Many of the long timers are gone or are silent now. Debate and discussion are often replaced with argue and condescend. I used to spe…
    in Over it Reply by Willy9292 May 1

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