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  • Likewise though, can we stop all the 'Stop the begging threads' type threads :p
  • Eased off from whacking from around the 4th/5th as there was no way I was going to get 10,000 for the arena by the 9th, but as it's still going, I'm now only short by around 400. Would love to at least get the arena before the update. Any assistance would be fantastic - thanks in advance :) win2kuser
  • Excellent ad. (linky works :) ) So so true lol
  • You have to ask the question. If it's been confirmed that he's scamming people and sending private messages, why is he still a member, or at the very least why hasn't he had his PM function disabled? I think it's a disgrace that someone can get away with this time and time again, and I feel sorry for anyone that's been…
  • Only 2,200 at the moment :( Not a chance I'm going to do it (unless EA extend it by a few weeks lol). The snakes to eggs ratio seems way out of wack at times. I tend to get around 3 eggs per 10 on average, whereas my partner tends to get closer to 6 eggs per 10. I only have 30 something neighbourino's, but my biggest issue…
  • As HillyBillyOli says, there is a way - and yes, it is complicated :) You need to install an android emulator. Google 'Bluestacks', it's the best out there. You can install stuff from the Play Store and run it as a pad or phone. Not sure if it will work 100% with TSTO, but it plays 3D games without problem (albeit a tad…
  • I'm not sure how it works now that Android are on Origin (woohoo :D ), but I had a similar problem a few levels ago, loaded it up and found it had restarted on level 1. I uninstalled it, reset my phone (GS2), cleared cache, re-installed it, and everything was back to where it was before it borked :) It has something to do…
  • I'm tingling with the excitement that we may get Origin :) I'm up for some neighbourly fun :D
  • I agree. There are something like 180k reviews with over 10 million downloads. I think to be honest, people only generally leave online reviews when they have something to moan about. Which is why I would never take online reviews seriously. The internet is full of doom and gloom lol Most people can't be bothered to leave…
  • Just had a look on the play store, and it's showing the TSTO has had between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000 downloads. Quite a large differential :eek: Obviously, out of those that have downloaded it, it doesn't show how many are still playing it. The general consensus is that's it's very popular with a 4.5 stars (out of 5)…
  • Thanks for all the info :) It's a shame that there appears to be no way of swapping device id's without rooting the new phone. I've managed to get the current phones id, but would EA be willing to swap the id for me? I doubt it very much. I'm really hoping that the update (if and when it comes) will include Origin for…
  • No pun intended? lol
  • Thanks SherryT07 :thumb: Fingers crossed. I've had a search through your previous posts, but I can't find anything specific to a fix. The only one I found was a similar thread that had links showing how to root the new phone to copy the old phone device ID :( Any chance of a link? :) Thanks
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