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  • This definitely needs to be bumped up. I have been thinking of the EXACT same thing for months but never got around to posting it. Glad to see a lot of other people also want to see this feature in the game.
  • Thank god for you guys. Was wondering the same thing.
  • I tried building a new one, I tried putting them all in inventory and force closing reopening taking out of inventory and still nothing is working. Anyone have any other ideas? :?:

    This is what it looks like when I store all kwikemarts …
  • (Quote)
    Thanks for the insider info!

    I took all of them out of my inventory but still no luck. If I click "go" next to the quest, it still opens my inventory but doesn't take me to any kwikemarts. If I click the Halloween menu,…
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    I'm having this same issue but I have the most recent update installed and it didn't fix it for me. I don't know what to do. :x
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone, your strategies seem to be working perfectly :)
  • I have to admit, I think EA is by far superior to TinyCo. But today TinyCo made themselves look like the big brother with this collect all feature, something the TSTO players have been craving for a long time. Touch? TinyCo.

    Your move, E…
  • Love the ideas, great job compiling all of this and including pictures!! :)
  • (Quote)
    Ah, that makes sense. Bummer.

    I say just screw people with older devices, if they are too cheap to update let their games crash. I got the"too many items" warning message atleast six months ago and have obviously added …
  • Bump. Desperately need more land, this game is becoming unplayable. The fun part is designing the town which is no longer possible because there's no room for all of the new buildings, especially since a lot of the new buildings are large in size
  • Can't believe I've been playing this game for almost 3 years. :shock: thanks for bringing back the memories. :)
  • I just came on here to see which characters had tasks at this building to trigger the animation. Very disappointed to see the answer is nobody. Grrrr c'mon EA with all of the characters missing basic task durations you couldn't have someone have a p…
  • I had 5 minutes left until my elf cannon would be ready, so I closed out and was doing something else to waste 5 minutes. Then I try to go back into my game and of course I am getting the Bart screen with server issues!! I need to go to bed because …
  • Just cleaned out my inactives and looking for new HIGH QUALITY neighbors!


    - Participating in the Xmas event
    - At least level 46
    - A decent amount of premium items owned
    - Daily or close to dail…
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    #5 is amazingly useful!! Funny thing is I was just thinking about how they should have a button to turn on all of the Xmas lights as it is a pain in the neck trying to find every building that has them. Great addition EA thank you!
  • Really wish every character had a 36 hour or 7 day task. This game has become extremely boring with the lack of updates and I wish I could just send characters on a task and forget about them for a few days without having to tap on 100 things and th…
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    Was it really only 6 months ago? Seems like forever. What kind of sale was it, 25% off donut prices or bonus donuts for the same price?

    After they just released all of these new items for donuts we definitely need a don…
  • At first I thought this thread was only from 2 months ago and was like wow maybe EA uses our ideas but then realized we are in 2014 and this was 2013. Still really cool how it came to fruition and is very expensive like one of the posters guessed it…
  • Well this was weird. :shock:
  • I love that security checkpoint!! Great creativity.

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