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  • Yes, the rollback was also to a point around three months back at the time. This bug is really weird. Probably some anti-tampering mechanism gone wild.
  • Now it seems that after... *rustling through calendar pages* uh, three months, the bug has gone on an extended vacation for me. I don't know why. I'm starting to miss the excitement of earning only one or two bonuts and knowing that I'd get to keep them, and the disappointment if I earned three. It added a whole new twist…
  • *sarcastic Homer voice* Ooh, a BioShock reference! (Referring to the text in the pop-up alert in-game that Atlantis is available for purchase)
  • I know. :wink: But EA don't have to hold their breath either waiting for me to detail my discovery to them directly. :tongue: I'm not going to make use of what I discovered, but if others discover the same thing and use it, I'm just going to twiddle my thumbs.
  • By the way, if the dev team is reading this forum as EA claims, I have discovered a quirk in this bug which can benefit players in a way EA probably doesn't want. You wanna know what it is, EA? Then have the dev team contact me, and I'll be happy to tell them so that it can be fixed. If I don't hear from them, I take it as…
  • I'm having this problem as well. For me, it only happens when earning three bonuts from leveling up, whereas I earn one or two they remain. Other bonuts (Railyard, Find Maggie, Daily Challenge) also remain. I have a ticket open with EA support and expect them to respond at some point in the next ten years.
  • Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.
  • Can anybody who has themselves been affected by the rollback bug honestly disagree with the OPs stance? I feel the same way, but am keeping playing the game nonetheless. However, they won't see me spending any money on donuts ever again. Or buying another EA game for that matter. But here's the problem: they probably don't…
  • I've done some further testing, and the basic problem is as stated before; it's when you earn a triple of donuts that they'll be refused to be added to your tally on the server. But in some cases even triples do register, and I'm not sure why. I haven't noticed any definitive pattern to that yet. My last attempt (farming…
  • It seems that the donuts that disappear are ones earned in triplets. If you initially get one or two donuts when you level up and stick with that, those donuts are likely to stay. But if you get three, those will disappear.
  • My latest theory on when donuts go missing is that it's when you get three in the lottery. If you get one or two, they're likely to stay. I'm basing this on adding up how many single and double donuts I'm getting from planting Rat Trap Delivery Trucks and then adding that to the previously safe amount of donuts. So, for…
  • In my game it seems that I only get to keep a bonut if I earn a single one and accept it rather than trying for two or three. If I get two or three on the first pick, I won't get to keep any donuts from that round. Does anyone else notice the same pattern?
  • I've actually waited after opening the ticket to figure out myself when and how the issue appears, because I occasionally get to keep some of the earned donuts. But the issue persists for me too.
  • Yes, I tried it and it unfortunately didn't help. I opened a support ticket with EA two days ago, so I'm currently awaiting their advice.
  • The behavior that I'm experiencing is a bit weird. When the Bonus Level Up window appears, if I get awarded only one donut and accept it, I get to keep it. If I get two or three, they'll add to the counter but not to the stash. Seems to be a broken script and maybe corrupt data in the save in spite of having gotten a…
  • We don't even know what the root cause is going by what EA have divulged. The development team must have clues, and have reportedly fixed some things, but there may be several independent causes. It could be that the game corrupts the save locally and then syncs this with the cloud without the servers being able to tell…
  • So, I accepted a rollback at the cost of losing about 4 months of progress, but getting comped with donuts. I was lucky to get support from a very understanding and friendly agent. That helped make me feel better. I'm still angry at EA as a company though, and for a number of reasons other than this particular SNAFU. In a…
  • So, EA decides to "fix" the problem with the most incompetent and arrogant solution imaginable. Of course we should have expected that. But I think we should let them know we do not accept this. We have one more option: bombarding customer support and social channels with complaints, and have gaming sites bring it up. EA…
  • They're lovely, aren't they?
  • Like so many others I got hit with the glitch a second time. I've not had any rollback done but kept playing with a broken game. I've had enough of this game and enough of EA. Their entire corporate philosophy is broken, and has been for ages, ever since they grew big. They destroy every studio they acquire with this…

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