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  • Oh THAT is why his task was greyed out, I had the Halloween skin on the kwik e mart. Good to know why it came back as well.
  • Definitely disappointing about Mecha Hawk, even a somewhat cool-looking NPC as the last prize is rather disappointing. If only they would bring back Rockstar Maggie, who disappeared from my store 2 days early (and support never got back to me about it when I emailed them).
  • I feel like I'm able to cancel a task twice a day, so I think the timer may be 12 rather than 24 hours. I also usually cancel non-donut or event currency tasks (and even the latter a lot of times especially later in an event)...unless I can't, like if I cancel out of a task and the next one is collect from a handful of…
  • So would you say that you're...tapped out? :lol: Thanks folks, I'll be here all week!
  • Definitely go for the Frink bundle if you've got the donuts. For 25 donuts *less* than normal (assuming you have the 200 initial payment), you get Frink and his lab, and a bonus premium character. Doesn't really get much better than that as far as bundles go. Even better than the Barney/Astronaut Barney and Miss…
  • I think I got missed...anybody willing to PM me the big secret?
  • I would be interested in hearing about it.
  • So many negative nancys in this thread. This isn't FGTQFS, where there's no way to finish unless you're spending premium currency. If the amount is higher, chances are the earning potential will be higher. There'll be some extra things added that will allow us to earn more. That's how it has been in past events, and that's…
  • Yeah, I was considering getting her, and then she disappeared 4 days early. That's lame. I am happy about the Frink rebate deal (about time I got him in my town!) but this is disappointing.
  • Well, we all knew it would happen, but it's ok. They kept the high XP, so donut farming lives, it's just not as insanely ridiculous as it briefly was. I got a few hundred donuts out of it, could have gotten more, but I'm ok with that! I was netting ~40 donuts/day, which still puts me on track to be able to buy all the rest…
  • I now wish I had crafted more of them. 13 isn't too bad, but I could have made more.
  • I have to assume that this is the beginning of the end, though, that there will be an update shortly that will gut the XP you get for them. If not, it will be RAINING donuts and all purchase restraint will be out the window.
  • I think it would be a lot better if they switched it up with the major events sometimes. Have a long continuous event sometimes (how long has it been since they did that?), a 3-act event other times, something like the Stonecutters event which was largely one continuous thing but with the daily challenges, or other…
  • A little downtime is fine sometimes. Or KEM-farm time, as I now know it.
  • So here's what I'm wondering, level ups or bonus level ups? Because IIRC, it's 500K for a level-up to 939, and then 1M for a bonus level up after that. So it depends where you are on that cycle.
  • You are correct, missed that, not sure why I thought he was a Whacking Day prize. Stuff in this game before I started playing (or even had a smartphone) blurs together a bit for me. But regardless, Tatum could definitely follow suit in this pattern. Not too many other characters that I know of that were offered as event…
  • Seems like they're making the Whacking Day prize characters available for cheaper with rebates one by one, with Barney, Miss Springfield, and now Lugash...could Drederick Tatum be next? I started playing a couple months after Whacking Day, so this has been nice for me. I just need to wait for Lisa to finish the 4 hour task…
  • I have a feeling we'll see rebate deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, which is the only reason I haven't started spending the thousands of donuts I've collected yet, aside from limited time characters I've particularly liked.
  • Best thing they could do is flag all event items to be placeable in Krustyland. There's *so* much land there, and it would be great to be able to make a themed section for every event that comes and goes.
  • I'm happy enough with some downtime now and then. Especially now that I've got my KEM farm going strong (up to 35 units per harvest now!), just a few minutes every four hours. Just a few weeks left for my first harvest of corn as well, thanks in large part to Witch Marge.

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