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  • Ugh?!? Merry Glitchmas everyone My game just crashes back to home screen after trying to load. I'm on iOS 8, iPhone 6, but same problem on my iOS 8, iPad 2.
  • Ugh?!? Merry Glitchmas everyone My game just crashes back to home screen after trying to load. I'm on iOS 8, iPhone 6, but same problem on my iOS 8, iPad 2.
  • I finally just emailed EA this afternoon. With such a busy week (for everyone else too), I haven't had the chance to stay on live chat to wait out the long waiting time, so after leaving the last chat, I just shot them an email. I got an email barely 5 minutes later that Zutroy had not been added to my account due to a…
  • I keep checking my inventory so many time like he is somehow going to mysteriously appear, like it seems to have happened for some, but never with any luck. I think I'm just annoyed at all the glitchmas surprise 'features'.... Just disappointed Ah well
  • Double, no triple ugh!!!! To add insult to injury, I just logged into TSTO, & got a pop up window telling me 'today is your last day to get Zultroy for free. Complete the tunnel prizes.....' UGH! Except I did and am still one of probably many that still didn't get rewarded Zultroy, even after 2 small in game updates. Just…
  • Nothing fixed here. Still no zutroy (damn you auto correct - kept changing zutroy to zit rot, at least that made me giggle), plus the game keeps crashing, it didn't before the last 2 updates, plus Feds still MIA, have to exit SF to get them to appear
  • Ditto Plus my game keeps crashing now. It didn't crash before the last 2 updates :?
  • I still don't have him, even after the last update (and no he's not in my inventory, unfortunately). Getting really annoyed actually.... not just about not getting the final prize, zutroy, but also the missing elves, having to always exit Springfield to prompt everything, from getting the tunnels to open, to quests to…
  • I also didn't get Zutroy Ugh!! alright :?
  • Having the same issue :( Any idea when or how EA will fix this glitch? It's rather frustrating as it makes it a lot harder to advance in the game:( I guess don't send eggs until it is fixed. Another question, after upgrading the weapon 5 times, you are awarded a prize. I accomplished this yesterday and while I was sure it…
  • I am also having the same problem. :(
  • :( Unfortunately had the same thing happen (though I got to clear a few more handshakes before mine crashed) With all the glitches, (with me it's the retry screen still popping up every time I log in, the rarity of handshakes these days, and now a missing deal), I can just say, I'm really quite glad there hasn't been any…
  • Argh!! Having the same problem with the balloons. Bought 2 new balloons, but it won't recognise them, still shows 0/2 balloons, so not wanting to buy anymore, as we can't sell them and I don't want to collect anymore damn balloons! I'm not up to the first part of the quest as my Ferris Wheel won't be ready for many hours…
  • I'm having the same problem as OP. I bought a Scratchy balloon and a Poochie balloon and it only recognised one balloon. When I tried to place them in inventory ( a sometimes fix for other issues), it recognised no balloons. Meh.. not wanting to sell and buy new balloons right away, as trying to get enough tickets to build…
  • Oh no, I think it definaty deserves it's own thread, I just wasn't game enough to do it lol I didn't want non-Aussies to misinterpret it as boasting, which those that aren' t familiar with our humour might. It was just a realisation at the luck we were dealt during this event. Especially after the first week, where there…
  • Lol! Is this thread in response to my comment on the 'are we allowed sleep during this event thread? Couldn't find the emoticon, typing on my phone, so :insert winky face: We are pretty lucky aren't we? Mine resets at 10am, because I'm on the east coast, but I love the timing, as it gives me plenty of time to get to work,…
  • Wow I think those of us living down under, really have lucked out in this event, with the timings and sleep. Number 1's tasks don't reset until 10am, and the Parchment quests at 6pm (for east coasters). That gives 14 hours before midnight (when I do go to sleep) to complete at least 3 Number 1 tasks on a long schedule day,…
  • Cool Thanks, guys Just sent him couple of minutes ago. I hope I didn't post in wrong thread, I just did a quick search through my phone and this thread came back at top of results, but can see now there is another thread on this also. D'oh if it's wrong thread.
  • Part 4 I'm guessing Milhouse and puppy goo goo task. Going to try when Milhouse becomes free in 1/2 hour
  • I noticed the lag first during the quest line with Ah Fudge, Ms Hoover and Cocoa Beanie. When it got to the part where the kids were to beat up on Cocoa Beanie, it started to really lag (which is when I put all my non-playable characters into storage), and it went away after the kids all finally went indoors to do the…
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