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  • Seems like a lot of hatred towards the Freak Show. I actually like it (although wish it paid something out). There is a good amount of Halloween stuff in this game now and it fits in easily with your "Halloween district". It also would work with a military base or extended Kamp Krusty alongside the waterfall, brown house…
  • I am in dag412614, eggs delivered enjoy!
  • OK normajeanemm, I added you as a friend. Your first egg installment of 250 will be coming after you accept. Your second installment will be another 400 or so if you want to trade. Happy tapping!
  • Thanks for the comments and Clemson shouldn’t be a problem for the Dawgs. I agree with you on the houses next to public buildings, my plan is to migrate the housing south a little to make room for the Education Annex and Temple soon. I think Cletus and Muntz houses will move up north to tie into the forest and cabins…
  • Logistics, I think for me to review your town I might need to quit my job in order to see the whole thing. Parts of yours I love and part I hate. The 3D aspects are pretty cool and you found a way to make things with all the items that people wouldnt have thought of, drive in, Duff beer garden, etc. I really like the…
  • Gogators – First off, your screen name and allegiance to Florida is your biggest issue, as a UGA alum it was difficult for me to even add you, but I like your idea of sharing thoughts on towns. Mine is ever changing as I try to update it and so taking pictures would be a waste of time for me. Here is my critical review..…
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