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  • Please add. Thank you
  • 30 days later and problem still not fixed. They have replied once, I followed their instructions and replied to the. And now nothing for two weeks. I missed out on the end of Easter and now missing out on the stone cutters. I do have 500 pending …
  • Still waiting for a response from EA
  • No they have not. I was sure they had done something as I try to get to my neighbors at least 10 times a day at all different times and have not been able to get in like I said in the original post. Them suddenly I got in repeatedly for about an h…
  • Spoke too soon. Back to the same old same ol'.... I once again have 500 friend requests pending and cannot get to my friends towns.
  • I submitted a ticket a few hours ago and although in the game it still says I have 500 friend requests I do not and I am now able to get tommy neighbors towns. Once I am at that screen and click origin it says I do not have any friend requests. A …
  • Thank you all for the suggestions. I am using an ipad and as far as Internet is concerned everything is fine. I am able to play the game as long as I like as long as I do not try to go to neighbors. Based on the suggestions it sounds like it coul…
  • I have not been kicked out of my town (yet) but I can not ( for five days now) get to my neighbors. I can play the game in my town but as soon as I try to click into others towns to collect eggs I get the Bart pic and the sorry couldn't connect to …
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