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  • Answer: I am an idiot! Always check the silence toggle on the left top button. Forgive me!
  • Old women power! Just wait until we all wake up from our naps. RBG
  • Sophie playing to Kearney’s jig.
  • Not advertisement. Not link to site. Nothing for sale. A domain is not equal to a web site.
  • my message was *not* advertising a web site. it did mention a domain for an encoded address. Every mention of a domain is not an advertisement and if people actually surfed there they’d be disappointed.
  • Not spam. Not for you. Leave inline. And how can I be off topic in the off discussion thread anyway.
  • Sara Wiggums needs God’s help to cut Ralph’s hair.
  • I befriended myself in my springfield B. A quick glance shows characters doing tasks I did not assign. I think seeing actual tasks is an important feature/bug to fix EA!
  • Since latest winter upgrade the display is horrible. Snow thing cover up people. For example the snow on the opera stage covers up all of the opera singers. iPhone6plus. Can I get a fix or upgrade? I got an upgrade but the problem did not go away. The opera singers only appear when in a lower part of the screen. But the…
  • Assume rant, frustration and NO FUN. Yes, EA, NO FUN. EA really should be shamed javascript:emoticon(':oops:'); for these connection problems. Right now it is choking on synchronization. I'm going to quit retrying in a minute. "Man, I hate this screen" IPhone, California
  • I still cannot connect. It got worse as in completely hosed after the thanksgiving update. Yea, I purchased the balloons and am still grouchy about losing my level 16 game a few weeks ago. But I built it back up. Still missing maggie, though. Everything I do at any stage send me back to Bart and his retry. I have not been…
  • On IPhone with good Wifi (several locations). The network really sucks. I spend more time trying to get into the game than I do actually playing the game. Yeah, I was at 16 once and got thrown back down to 6. But I keep trying, hoping to get Marge and the lemon tree back. But this network problem may be a reason to abandon…
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