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  • so far only two mistakes i really regret spent 150 donuts on the useless twin girls thininking they would be two seperate character hence the high price and while farming tickets using the homer and lisa hiding quest, i clicked on the tree house when i was using the character frame on the top left. could be worse i guess.
  • im glad that its not just me that this happens too, and is a known issue. i try and remeber to check the option every time i log on anyway.
  • i usually do, mostly for for the items that has a boost. for this i just assumed from past experience i guess its better to happen here and remember it than with something that coasts alot more and more important.
  • it pays 1000 dollars, just like any other premium character
  • then they should of added a disclaimer for the casual watchers like myself.
  • indeed 150 for one character and non voiced at that as well is very expensive, one of the reason why i thought it was two.
  • i am a casual watcher of simpsons, if its on then i will watch it but thats about it i think ive only seen one or two episodes with the twins in it, so i dont know anything about them. i only bought it for the 50% on their jobs
  • thanks, im sure and hopefully this post serves as a warning to anyone reading it and thinking of buying them.
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