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  • The game should be fixed so the multiplier works also if the SH building are stored (actually that will not work). I did my job to build and upgrade them so I should get the XP bonus, no matter if they are placed or stored. Those building are ugly and it's simply a no sense to have all these identical and enormous building…
  • Maybe the following screenshots explain better: on the second the ticket is too big! 4.7'@720x1280 http://oi63.tinypic.com/2ymtahh.jpg 5.5'@1080x1920 http://oi63.tinypic.com/2uqzt5s.jpg
  • Same for me since this afternoon. My fire was generating snakes then it stopped. I reached 200 snakes visiting some friends, then I sent Milhouse to tell a story to generate rabbits, but no rabbit after 3 hours. EDIT: Since this morning nightmares are here again.
  • What is the screen resolution of your devices? I'm think I have a similar issue after moving to a HD device, but I can't say if it's a "new" problem. Try looking at this thread http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10372696.page
  • I took the screenshot not at the starting zoom level, both are at max, but yes, that is what is happening. Maybe it depends on downloaded data (texture, etc.), maybe 1080p and 1440p uses the same data and so the same resolution is resulting in a wider area on the 1440p device. But maybe 720p and 1080p uses different data…
  • 4.7'@720x1280 http://oi57.tinypic.com/r78y2a.jpg 5.5'@1080x1920 http://oi58.tinypic.com/2hmkfm0.jpg As you can see the second screenshot is bigger, but you can see only the front of Otto's bus while on the first is complete. And also Flanders house and the fountain are missing etc.
  • I don't know on what it depends. For sure I noticed that the downloaded data size is much bigger (~500MB vs ~750MB). I was expecting at least the same view area, just more comfortable because of the increased screen size. But absolutely not the contrary! On my bigger device the game is barely playable.
  • I wasn't talking about own towns. The item could be hidden on neighbor's towns, so visiting doesn't take 2 hours with 1h30m spent waiting for the cities to be displayed.
  • I wonder if they can stop rendering stuff like monorail, SH buildings and other items not relevant to the event. Also the rendering time of the cities has grown enormously. EDIT: for example now it took more than 30 sec. to render a city. Ridiculous and frustrating!
  • My answer to OP question is: no, unless someone starts paying me to play so I can leave my current job. EDIT: I've found something to tap only on 2 or 3 of 100 neighbors while it's usually about 98/100. Very frustrating and a big waste of time.
  • I tried again and it's working now. Here's an example for who want to try: Current XP = 928746 Tapped on MalariaZone (15 xp) New XP = 928796 928796-928746=50 50/15=3.3333=333% When I posted yesterday I was getting 1.76 (can't remember the building), which is "normal" as I have a 76% bonus on conformometer. Maybe the extra…
  • Every SH should give from 1% to 5% (depending on the kind of building) extra xp. That's what I read somewhere, but I'm not sure it's correct because I the maximum extra should be 150% and I'm at 76% so I should get a total of 226% while I'm getting more than 300% with few buildiing missing not completed. Maybe is not even…
  • Some weeks ago I did this: - take note of current xp points - tap on a building with a high xp - take note of new xp points - subtracted values and diveded the result by the "normal" xp of the building I was getting about 300%. Then I did it again after completing some other buildings and it was ~340%. I tried storing a…
  • Stupid clouds.
  • But this is going to make me loose the extra 5 for completing monorail stuff. A bonus day will not be the same, because today is Sunday and I have plenty of time to play.
  • The problem is the monorail, which I think it's ending in less than 2 days. Last week it ended while I was at 68500/70000, so I was hoping to complete it.
  • It seems it's working now. I was able to remove some inactive friends and to accept all the requests I received.
  • Now I have 6 new friend requests, but I fear entering friends screen again. EDIT: In fact, I entered but there were no friend requests, then it crashed.

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